Autumn Olympic Hash #1876

The separation among individual things is an illusion. In reality everything is one. A belief in oneness was associated with feeling connected to others through a recognition of our common humanity, common problems, and common imperfections.

It’s a clear day again. Summer time at 3 pm has been adjusted to winter time to meet up at 2 pm. More than 20 hashers gather at an empty restaurant called Guns Kebab Road. Sure enough, there are many diverse imitation guns decorated the restaurant. Hash Cash Danger Zone tallies and rings up ledger account. Proxy GM Pussy Nibble and RA Heart On kick off a start circle with the three hares Principal Penetration, Cock Chain and Just Sarah in so blessing the aspiring words.

Soonish locating the trail into a digs quarter, broad streets and intersections. Crash Test Dummy, Nipple Kamekaze and Pickle Boy lead the way into the Olympic Forest Park. Everything rings a bell to the effect that never miss the crowd coming and going for the world. You bet! The Bird Nest and the Water Cube separately hook up the hashers to take group photos for 2 Hash Holds. Losing concentration to slip on the first beer stop next to street. A while later, several walkers pull in, too, like Karate, Just Tansy and so on ushered by the virgin hare Just Sarah. Little Shit Red Hood as latecumer bobs up. Drinks Like Girl relates his hashing in Egypt. Talk and drink in threes and fours for 10 minutes. Some locals with curiosity watch and smile at the hashers.

The second beer stop is then reached after bursting through two street blocks onto the perpendicular park avenue. The break lasts for 10 minutes and the hare guides the hashers to beat a noisy and thronged event cordoning off with security guards on duty. Passing through a slight slope to a winding track of meadow and bushes. Moose Knuckles and More Men actively check forward. Moral Fixation gets used to piggybacking a backpack to grind diligence into the trail. Breakfast Included and Blow Harder shout out the signs in time. When MK courses ahead on a bridge, he jumps up and turns around to make face at the hashers behind and raises his hand to show a vee.  All of a sudden, hundreds of folks of all ages in same blue shirts brush past the hashers. It seems like a running event.

Once the hashers move out of the park, keeping a prolonged beeline to shake off a set of marks, albeit a Beer Near mark. Don’t eye any clue of BBB mark for the third beer stop. It’s reckoned that there are 7 or 8 hashers missing the 3rd BS to nip in to the restaurant via a busy street and featured architecture. CTD mentions it’s over 15k. Four leave early. After stuffing snacks down the stomach and changing clothes, the circle is held on scheduled. Four latecumers catch up like Lick It To Ride, Ass Tonguer, Bitch Bandit and BDSAmatuer.

Proxy GM PN and RA HO are skillful in teamwork of observing the circle per the process. Welcoming 1 virgin, punishing latecumers and long-time-no-seers, as well as in concert with a few accusations. LITR bells out Hash songs for each episode. On the point of closing it, RA HO announces to name Just Sarah. After consulting around her gossip, Silent But Deadly overwhelms other voices to hammer out her Hash Handle. Given her older age, no a beer baptism for her. RA HO eventually organizes a gleeful chorus of Swing Low with crew. Eight hashers eat a yummy food. Several head to the Hash bar Paddy O’ Shea’s to continue to celebrate the latest glory of Paddy’s – Irish Hospitality Global Awards, Best Community Pub 2018. Congrats!

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Monday,

October 15, 2018



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Participating in hashing and hashing events is a potentially hazardous activity that could result in injury or death. I am participating in this event at my own risk and I assume all risk and responsibility for injuries I may incur as a direct or indirect result of my participating in this event. Having read this Release and knowing the risks involved in my participation in this event, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the BEIJING HASH HOUSE HARRIERS, its sponsors, representatives, officers and management from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event, even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this Release. Further, I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the BEIJING HASH HOUSE HARRIERS, its sponsors, representatives, officers and management from any and all claims which may result from my participation in this event. I certify I have read this Release and Agreement to Indemnify, I understand it, and I agree to its terms relating to every BEIJING HASH HOUSE HARRIERS event or activity.

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