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Beijing H3 Away Hash 2019 – Sept. 21-22

Long ago, times were simpler and life was serene, with the racket and pollution of people and cars an unknown concern. People lived a quaint farming lifestyle for generations without a care in the world, except for plowing their land and providing for their family.

No one really cares about that hippie, sunshine and rainbows BS anymore – Hashers even less! Forget all that nonsense and take this amazing opportunity to get outside of Beijing for a rambunctious bus ride to scenic (almost in Hebei) Shidu for 10 kinds of awesome fun and debauchery.

There will be not 1, nor even 2, but 3 fantastic hashes! You’ll have mountains, rivers of beer to drink… err, to swim in, and a BBQ!!!!!!!!!! Yes, 10 exclamation points are necessary to describe just how much fun you’ll have! Plenty of booze and food, an ample dose of shitty trails, a smattering of swimming, and a high likelihood of at least a few hangovers… Sounds like the best kind of Away Hash!!!!!!!!!!

Register today before you lose this once in a lifetime opportunity. On On!


9:00 am Saturday, September 21 to 6:00 pm (ish) Sunday, September 22

Note that there wont be city hash this weekend. The poor souls who are staying will probably head to Paddy O’Shea’s to sink their sorrows in beer.


Hotel: Biyue Shanzhuang 碧月山庄

Shidu Village Liudu Cunkou十渡镇六渡村口

Telephone: 18610367500

Scroll to the Bottom to Sign-up!


Early Bird Price:
Until September 10, you only need to pay CNY 600. With Tent, it’s CNY 500. After September 10th, ONLY the Regular Price will be available, no exceptions.

Regular Price:
From September 11, including the day of the Away Hash, price is CNY 650. With Tent, it’s CNY 550.


All 2019 Away Hash participants will receive the following:

  • Transportation by bus round trip from Beijing to the Hotel.
  • All meals for two days.
  • All you can drink to and from Beijing on the bus, on the hash, and during meals.
  • Exclusive unique Haberdashery!!! – New Sock Design & Special 2019 Away Hash Patch


After signing up through the form, please PREPAY to Limp Fish Dick (LFD) or Finger My Dough (FMD) via one of the following options:

WeChat: Limp Fish Dick (LFD) at WB1417, Finger My Dough(FMD) at lvye_312269274
Cash: At the hash!


Your registration will not be considered complete and you won’t have a spot reserved until you make the payment and let one of the organizers above know!


Option 1: Explore Your Wild Side

Bring your own tent along with sleeping bag and mat to enjoy the great early fall weather outside near the hotel and river. Last chance to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors before winter!

NOTE 1: A shower will be available to get cleaned up. Bring your own towel to be safe.

NOTE 2: Campers get a CNY 100 discount.

Option 2: Netflix & Chill…

One double occupancy room with two beds, perfect for a friendly chat, romp, party, or to start a pillow fight…

NOTE: If you wish to have a room to yourself, add CNY 100 to your registration fees. Make note of this when you register.


Cancelations made by September 10th will be fully refunded. Any cancellation made from September 11th onwards will be charged CNY 300 for adults (NO EXCEPTIONS).

But then again, why would you even think of canceling this wonderful trip??


  • You MUST bring your ID or passport with you to check into the hotel;
  • Bring your warm clothes and battery pack (充电宝) , it could be cold at night;
  • Bring your swimsuit for the pool party and to hang out in the river;
  • The hotel has towels and slippers, but we also suggest bringing your own stuff.
  • Bring your own mug and bottles so we don’t have to waste extra paper cups.


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