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BJH3 #1917: Amish Run

By |2019-08-01T10:05:12+08:00July 25th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

  Get your old-fashioned shoes and your very conservative Hash wear for our Amish themed run. Our one and only ChurnMeOn will be leaving us to go back to her people: The Amish. I hope you are ready for this conventional, unworldly, and slightly emotional run. Let’s explore the ‘rural parts’ of Shuangjing on our very own feet. No cars, [...]

BJH3 #1916: Lao Beijing Hutong Culture Trip

By |2019-07-17T17:20:28+08:00July 17th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

It's summertime in Beijing, which means many people go on vacation to escape the heat, see new sites, and learn about different cultures.  We say, why leave when you can have all of that right here in Beijing? Join your Lao Beijingren hares on a pleasant romp through some of Beijing's most picturesque hutongs without having to venture out in [...]

Saturday BJH3 #1915: Faster, Higher, Stronger and Drunker Olympic Cock Run

By |2019-07-11T23:51:39+08:00July 9th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

One year in the making! … Nah just one week. So anyways following last year’s Olympic Autumn Run, this summer we are once again enduring the stubbornness of one of our cock hares (he lives close to the Olympic Park, and insists to run here at his convenience lol ) to make you have a new challenge as the Olympian [...]

Beijing Hash 40th Anniversary this weekend!

By |2019-07-03T20:27:32+08:00June 28th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers, Full Moon Hash House Harriers, Upcoming Events|

You don't want to miss BJHHH's 40th Anniversary Celebration! 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 Friday July 5th - Half-moon Full Moon Hash Pre-lube 7:30PM meet-up at QS Jiaodaokou Saturday July 6th - 40th Anniversary Hash 12PM meet-up at Paddy O'Sheas Hash and barbecue bash in Shunyi Scroll to the bottom to sign-up and pre-pay for early bird prices 注意下面阅读原文连接:提前支付有优惠价 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 This July marks forty years since the first "On [...]

Friday FMH #133: Pre-Lube & Birthday Bonanza

By |2019-07-03T20:31:28+08:00June 27th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Full Moon Hash House Harriers|

Join us for this VERY special Full Moon Hash (where the only thing done in halves will be the moon) to celebrate the UNBELIEVABLE! They said, too much drinking lowers success, shortens longevity, you'll never make it far... and yet here we are, celebrating the miraculous, ANOTHER birthday of.... Blow Harder! Oh yeah AND... The 40th BIRTHDAY OF THE BEIJING [...]

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