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Summer Away Hash

• July 15-16
• Beijing Hash #1812
• Fullmoon Hash #112
• Boxer Hash #162

All China Nash Hash

• September 15-17
• Beijing Hash #1821
• Fullmoon Hash #115
• Boxer Hash #164


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Boxer Hash House Harriers

All runs and events realated to the Boxer Hash house Harriers.

July 14-16: Save the Date! Summer Away Hash!

By | 2017-06-22T11:17:32+00:00 June 14th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers|

It is again the time of the year to f*$k off from the city summer heat and enjoy some nature together with your favourite debauchery fellas! There will be green! There will be swimming! There will be hammocks and trail, there will be BBQ! And of course, there will be shitty trails and rivers of beer! Green, rivers, yurts….feels a [...]

Boxer Hash #160: The Great Wall Non-Marathon Run

By | 2017-06-22T11:17:33+00:00 May 18th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers|

Back in November, the Boxer Hash saw the ousting of former GM Crooked Sink & Destroy following a disputed election in which Hairy Crack and Silky Fag’s platform to “make the hash great again” garnered unexpected last-minute popular support. In the wake of this depressing and unexpected defeat to the Crack-Fag ticket, Crooked Sink & Destroy decided to take some [...]

Boxer Hash #158: Cherish Your Life, Don’t Climb Wild Mountain

By | 2017-06-22T11:17:36+00:00 March 24th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers|

Rock climbing is dangerous, but everywhere can be Danger Zone. You could be hit by women and break a leg (the third leg). You might be smashed face by drinking too much, next day you are yelling "How did that happen?" Or you are floating in the bathroom, and somebody may take a pics of you and then make laughter later. That is not [...]

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