Participating in hashing and hashing events is a potentially hazardous activity that could result in injury or death. I am participating in this event at my own risk and I assume all risk and responsibility for injuries I may incur as a direct or indirect result of my participating in this event. Having read this Release and knowing the risks involved in my participation in this event, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the BEIJING HASH HOUSE HARRIERS, its sponsors, representatives, officers and management from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event, even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this Release. Further, I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the BEIJING HASH HOUSE HARRIERS, its sponsors, representatives, officers and management from any and all claims which may result from my participation in this event. I certify I have read this Release and Agreement to Indemnify, I understand it, and I agree to its terms relating to every BEIJING HASH HOUSE HARRIERS event or activity.

Hash Trash

The good, the bad and the ugly stories of the Beijing HHH.

The Alice in Beijingland Hash #1825

By | 2017-10-20T19:10:12+00:00 October 20th, 2017|Hash Trash|

Alice manages to wear through her shoes by dancing the night away. Only her significant other figures out her secret. Saturday of an afternoon, Dry Hole functions as RA to bless the trail and 3 hares Danger Zone, Heart On and Principal Penetration in the starting circle of over 30 hashers in the vicinity of outside northern 3rd ring road. [...]

Moist Mama Full Moon Hash #115

By | 2017-10-20T19:07:53+00:00 October 20th, 2017|Hash Trash|

Live long and hash it out. 10.10 is a birthday of our moistest FM GM Agent Orgy. More than 20 hashers come together to celebrate her fete day. Downstairs her apartment building nearby Jing A bar, AO gyrates a bottle of flour to single out the first hare. As it comes to stop pointing to a virgin, per the Hash [...]

More Beer, Less Mooncake #1824

By | 2017-10-20T19:03:57+00:00 October 20th, 2017|Hash Trash|

Tradition should be inherited with scientific and humanistic spirits, definitely not only with the time. Otherwise falsity, inanition and exaggeration must run rampant. Vulpine smog creeps up on the end of China national holiday on Saturday mid-afternoon. Just William meters out PM 194. Shanghai Man serves both functions as Hash Cash and acting GM to summon a launching ceremony with [...]

China National Day Hash #1823

By | 2017-10-12T00:04:53+00:00 October 12th, 2017|Hash Trash|

Strengthen the sense of justice of the laws and rules, absolutely not of the regulators. It’s a clear day on Sunday, also October 1st. Nearly 30 hashers roll up to enjoy a beautiful hashing around southeast 2nd ring road . A local man in haste approaches Triple X-Ray to complain the hashtags on sidewalk. It turns out that Hash marks [...]

The Hangover Hash #1822

By | 2017-09-29T01:34:54+00:00 September 29th, 2017|Hash Trash|

CRISPR gene-editing encodes a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) that decreases appetite and helps regulate blood sugar levels by triggering the release of insulin for three months, suggesting that skin grafts could be a desirable alternative to daily insulin injections. BJH3 is the first time to change the Hash time from Sunday to Saturday since 1979. The 17th ACNH left lots of beers [...]

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