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The good, the bad and the ugly stories of the Beijing HHH.

Hash Wedding Run #1856

By | 2018-05-30T00:24:04+00:00 May 30th, 2018|Hash Trash|

A wedded bliss: marry a similar spender; have a lot of sex; say "thank you" and "we"; make it quick; be tough; work hard at it. Song Master Dry Hole acts out a pastor by dressing a whole black and holding a God Delusion book, to bestow the Amazing Grace on the Hasher’s new couple Ass Tonguer and Lick It [...]

Boxer Hash #169 Golden Showers Bring Yellow Flowers & BJH3 Run #1855 The Trade Wars and Rocket Men Hash

By | 2018-05-22T23:45:18+00:00 May 22nd, 2018|Hash Trash|

Jesus says that the human suffering is rooted in the evil side of human nature; Marx says that human suffering is private ownership. But the sufferers can recognize the real existence of the evil side of human nature. A squad of Boxer hashers descend from the last 15ish-meter steps of hill at Huanghuacheng Great Wall around 5 pm, Saturday, actually [...]

The Zero Fucks Hash #1854

By | 2018-05-15T08:30:12+00:00 May 15th, 2018|Hash Trash|

Reason is also limited, because it cannot get ride of absolute obsession, otherwise it is immersed in the worship of power and money all the same. So the divinity is still effective, leading the human mind to eternity. The local emissions account for 2/3 of main sources in Beijing this year. The diesel vehicles driving in Beijing reach 45% as [...]

Churn Me On’s Horny Birthday Fiesta #1853

By | 2018-05-09T23:06:19+00:00 May 9th, 2018|Hash Trash|

When comparing the perceived knowledge to how much people actually knew, the belief-superior people are consistently overestimating their own knowledge. The Hash flag hangs on the trees around 6:09 pm, May 5th. Is it a special day? Approximately 40 hashers celebrate a grand circle moderated by GM Shanghai Man and 2 RAs Heart On and Slappy Seconds at an enclosed [...]

Full Moon Run #119: The Glow Run & Beijing Run #1852: He Wasn’t Bjorn Again Yesterday

By | 2018-05-03T00:56:24+00:00 May 3rd, 2018|Hash Trash|

Helium 3 as an effective clean energy source on the moon is more ten times than the Earth’s storage. As long as a few dozen tons of the moon is mined, it will take ten thousand years for humans to use, the polluting energy such as coal can be abandoned. 7:69 pm, Friday night. FM GM Ass Tonguer kicks off [...]

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