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For those who missed the last run or who simply don’t even remember what happened or just want to read the fine stories of the Beijing HHH.

Saturday BJHHH #1893: A Beijing Analversary Trail

Dogon people in West Africa believe that there are four calendars in the universe, based on the sun, moon, Sirius and Venus.

The Spring Festival in China is supposed to be warmer and warmer, but in recent years it’s getting colder and colder. Experience is losing its accuracy. The fifth day of the lunar New Year of China is to eat dumplings, a symbol of the gods of wealth from five directions blessing the rich (albeit full of superstitious good wishes), of course, for the hashers as well. The temperature is rarely minus 1 degree. Some 20 hashers have warmed up from the 1.5-hour hashing to celebrate a hilarious concentric circle and drink Spanish beer. Three hares More Men, Moose Knuckles and Bitch Please are hailed for their vivacious gig. The hashers welcome 5 virgins in the Hash way without a swag. GM Shanghai Man and substitutive RA Dry Hole masterly moderate sideshows and an array of the hashers’ episodes in the trail. Lost Boy snaps Hash pictures in high spirits. The virgin Just Mary is pleased with Rambo No.5’s Hash sarong and speaks highly of Hash blue mug’s hollow handle. The virgin Double Dutch from Guangzhou gargles a small bottle of red wine. Multifunctional DH as Song Master belts out about 21 Hash songs for diverse situations and Hash figures, shrewdly and humorously. At last, acting RA leads the hashers to chord Swing Low as always. Most hashers gourmandize delicate dumplings because they look like bullions in the Chinese way. The HH House is filled with cozy atmosphere, and the words in the frames on the walls massage customers’ state of mind.

A double bend road in embassy zone oozes a kind of shoo-in of Hash mood in good form.  As neat a place in order as hashers can wish to meet. Keeping our eyes peeled to follow Hash marks and the armed guards smile to the hashers. Then turning into a narrow and shabby slum. Three B letters sign in a small circle deciphers first beer stop. Nevertheless most shacks are locked including a miserable dime store. The hare hastens to contact the shopkeeper by telephone. But…for the heck of it, and luckily, Pickle Boy locates another small shop for a displaced beer stop close at hand. Heart On tries on Russian earmuffs hat of Limp Fish Dick who’s just returned from Harbin is redolent of tracks in the snowy forest. Out of run-down part, a clear-cut old mark takes many hashers far out of trail and the hare shouts, “On back!” and entering Chaoyang park for rmb 5 per head. Once the virgin catches the sight of a sedan bus parked with the door open, she wants to get on. BBC still calls the next normal sign of Open Check sign for On One, (On Two…), that should be On On, not the ones of Two-Way or Three-Way signs. Moral Fixation, Cums for Seconds, Little Red Shit Hood, Little John, Lost in Marks & Spencer, Just Ben, Just Marshell and so on actively blaze the trail with pee stop and Hash Hold, a striking H2O stone modeling by a frozen lake reminds folks that water is the root of human life. The hare photographs 14 runners on the spot. This is indeed an eco-friendy zone as window park of Beijing. Filing out of the park and into a residential quarter to second beer stop. The glass billboards are plastered with political photos and propaganda. The clean grocery is full of food and drink. Breakfast Included murmurs the ice-cream here is expensive. Walkers like Karate and others arrive early. 15 minutes later, the hashers flow back to the start point with the sands of time. Spicy Peanut comes quietly as latecumer. It’s a different and happy journey anew and a synecdoche that more than meets the eye.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Wednesday,

February 13, 2019

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