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MONDAY FMH #132: Southwestern Strawberry Moon

In case you were worried there aren’t enough hashes for you, have no fear, the Strawberry Full Moon is here! Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen each spring, but will we find any on trail here in Beijing? Come and see!

Many know Monday as a wanking day, but here at the Full Moon Hash we are always willing to lend a helping hand to spice up the start of your work week. Join us in Southwestern Beijing for a live trail through one of few Beijing neighborhoods sure to be clean of all past hash marks and flour stains. The trail is guaranteed to have everything; parks, alleys, dancing ayis, and well… pretty much the same as any other neighborhood. Get your howls finetuned and pitch-perfect for this Monday adventure.

On On!


Old school rules, hares raised on the spot


Live trail, catch-the-hare


Monday, 17th June, meet 7:30pm run starts at 8:00pm

Hash Cash:

Run & circle- 20 kuai

Dinner- bill shared between diners

Meet Up:

Jiaodong Seafood Dumpling City (Caishishikou Street)

Jiāodōng hǎixiān jiǎo zǐ chéng (càishì kǒu dàjiē)



Take line 4 metro to Taoranting station. Take Exit C and turn right. After walking north for 50m, you will arrive at the restaurant!


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Sunday BJHHH#1911: The 102 Dragons run

Rocky the Dragon came to play,
Rocky the Dragon decided to stay
(and drink beer)

Dragons are famous, both in the East and in the West. From the dragon that King George murdered to the mischievous Shendu, both literature and art are filled with them. So come and join Rocky and his fellow hares as we go dragon spotting in a park with over one hundred of them (carvings, painting and sculptures).

It’s been another hot week so cool off at some of our beer stops; one’s even sponsored by Jingdong. Stay for dinner at a fabulous restaurant that even shares a character with one of the hares Chinese name. If you think you’ll be too tired from Saturday’s Boxer- drink some more beer and cum anyway. On On!



Cums 4 Seconds, Not Tonight, Just RockyVoke


SUNDAY 16th June, meetup at 2:30. Run starts at 3pm.

Hash Cash:

Run or walk, beer stops and circle drinks 30 RMB
Run or walk, beer stops, circle drinks and Hash meal 80 RMB

Pets? 🚫🐕

Sorry no pets on trail, the dragons will eat them.

Restaurant & Meet up:

Mudan Yuan Meishi Cheng


South side, Building 10, Fangzhuang Xiaoqu Fangchengyuan Yi Qu


The restaurant is in a community park area. It’s easily accessible but it’s easy to miss or make a wrong turn. You can use the address or follow the instructions below. Look out for your fellow Hashers and you should be fine.
Subway: Line 14, Fangzhuang (Exit A)
Leave the station and turn right (head North). Cross over to the left and walk along Fangchenglu (芳城路).
After two hundred metres turn right in to Fangchengyuan (South Gate 3).
Follow the road as it snakes along and then take the second left.
Follow this road along as it curves until you reach the children’s area (tacky castle ).
Turn left and walk along until you reach the restaurant on the right.
Or check the pin.
Or Follow the marks.


Zuoanmenwai is right next to the subway. See directions above if getting the bus.


Direct your driver to Fangchengyuan (yi qu) Nan 3 men and follow the marks or pin from there.
出租车: 芳城园一区(南3门)

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Hashing in China

The hash world asked for it and we got it! Introducing the new ALL CHINA HASH HOUSE HARRIERS OFFICIAL DIRECTORY!

Formerly known as just “Hash China”, the new improved directory comes with a beautiful new design, better user interface, responsive, more content, dedicated hash news section, highlighted events in the region, easy access in the mainland and many more features! All by the hand of Dazed & Confused and RoomBoy.

Visit china.hash.cn today!

Hashing in Beijing

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Beijing! Beijing! What wonderful place to hash…

Beijing, Beijing, what a wonderful place to hash,
We have great fun dodging the shit and trash.
Our skies are never clear,
But we have cheaper beer.
We like our drinks,
Our singing stinks.
But welcome to the Beijing Hash!


Not enough awesomeness? Keep reading for hash trash, past runs, hash socials and much more…

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Best runs ever with the Beijing Hash! Endless singing and people happy everywhere!

Pat Bonetar, Dayton H3

What a great time you gave us & what we had. Would really like to see you again. Thanks you lot! ON ON!

Sperm Whale, UK HHH

I wasn’t sure what to expect of these fellas… But once everything started, it was mind blowing! Never seen a kennel so energetic and fun! Keep it ON ON fuckers!

Crazy B*tch, Henderson HHH

Thanks so much for a wonderful Beijing Hash, the circle was fun and entertaining and the Beijing hashers are a happy lot, we hope to meet some in the land of Oz one day.

F*cking Nothing, Adelaide H3

The Beijing Hash saved my life in a hard moment, Hashing is a happy club bringing positive energy to humanity. On On

Pickle Boy, Beijing HHH

Thanks heaps to all the gang for making our stay at Beijing a happy and memorable experience. We really did enjoy ourselves at BH3 and by the end of the evening I felt we had made lots of new friends and certainly managed to get seriously drunk!

Phantom , Australia


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