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Saturday BJH3 #1915: Faster, Higher, Stronger and Drunker Olympic Cock Run

One year in the making! … Nah just one week. So anyways following last year’s Olympic Autumn Run, this summer we are once again enduring the stubbornness of one of our cock hares (he lives close to the Olympic Park, and insists to run here at his convenience lol ) to make you have a new challenge as the Olympian hashers we all are.

We give you the Faster, Higher, Stronger and Drunker Olympic Cock Run!

It will be long, hard, sweaty, not smooth and painful but do not worry my fellow hashers cause big amounts of cold beer will lube you up through it.

If you ready to take the challenge and conquer Mount Olympus you can’t miss this run. Charming lakes, nature, hot temperatures and somehow our beloved cock hare’s waiting and welcomes you all with his glamorous smile!


Snake Cunter, Cock Chain, Just Daniel


Saturday 13th of July, meetup at 2:30. Run starts at 3pm.

Hash Cash:

Run or walk, beer stops and circle drinks 30 RMB

Run or walk, beer stops, circle drinks and Hash meal 80 RMB

Restaurant & Meet up:

老北京食府 (大屯路店)

Lao Beijing Shi Fu

大屯路201号  #201 Datun Road


Anlilu subway Station line 15. Exit D. Go straight ahead (westward) 200 meters till the first corner and turn left.

By |July 9th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

Beijing Hash 40th Anniversary this weekend!

You don’t want to miss BJHHH’s 40th Anniversary Celebration!

🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉

Friday July 5th – Half-moon Full Moon Hash Pre-lube

  • 7:30PM meet-up at QS Jiaodaokou

Saturday July 6th – 40th Anniversary Hash

  • 12PM meet-up at Paddy O’Sheas
  • Hash and barbecue bash in Shunyi

Scroll to the bottom to sign-up and pre-pay for early bird prices


🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉 🍻 🎉

This July marks forty years since the first “On On!” echoed through the hutongs of Beijing. Much has changed since then, but this drinking-club-with-a-running-problem stays true to its roots.

Join hashers from the past and hashers from around China in our celebration of forty years in our fair capital city. It’s also a weekend of FOYWs, including the entire Rambo family, Heart On, and Dry Hole.

The On-On Dialogues: Mao and Nixon negotiating the critical Reform and Open Check Framework that would lead to the first hash in Beijing. (Feb 21, 1972)

The 40th Anniversary will be extremely well-lubricated thanks to the generous support of our sponsors:

Full schedule

  • 12:00PM Meet-up at Paddy’s. Lunch, drinks, and catch-up.(Food & drink at your own expense)
  • 2:00PM Carpool out to the runsite
  • 3:00PM Hash starts (9km run or 6km walk)
  • 5:00PM Snacks, drinks, circle
  • 6:30PM Barbecue bash in the park
  • 8:00PM Carpool back to Paddy’s.First keg is on the hash.


Dry Hole, Fetus Envy, Bearded Clam and Dazed & Confused

What to Bring:

A hash mug or cup (♻️), suncreen, bug spray, picnic blanket

Hash Cash:

  • 30RMB hash only
  • 85RMB* hash and dinner pre-paid by July 4th 3PM
  • 100RMB hash and dinner paid after deadline

如7月4日下午3点钟之前支付,一共85元*, 或之后支付一共100元

*No refunds after the deadline 期限之后不能退钱

Meet up:

Paddy O’Sheas

28 Dongzhimen Wai Dajie

Opposite the west end of the Australian Embassy

东直门外大街28号, 港湾国际大厦, 澳大利亚大使馆西侧对面

Getting to the runsite:

Carpool from Paddy’s or take Line 15 metro to Sunhe. The runsite and bash are a 200m walk from Exit A on the opposite side of Jingmi Lu.



Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Haberdashery will be on sale at the event

Hashing in China

The hash world asked for it and we got it! Introducing the new ALL CHINA HASH HOUSE HARRIERS OFFICIAL DIRECTORY!

Formerly known as just “Hash China”, the new improved directory comes with a beautiful new design, better user interface, responsive, more content, dedicated hash news section, highlighted events in the region, easy access in the mainland and many more features! All by the hand of Dazed & Confused and RoomBoy.

Visit china.hash.cn today!

Hashing in Beijing

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Beijing! Beijing! What wonderful place to hash…

Beijing, Beijing, what a wonderful place to hash,
We have great fun dodging the shit and trash.
Our skies are never clear,
But we have cheaper beer.
We like our drinks,
Our singing stinks.
But welcome to the Beijing Hash!


Not enough awesomeness? Keep reading for hash trash, past runs, hash socials and much more…

BJH3 Run #1910: Ferrari enzo Beijing

By |June 3rd, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

One of our favorite long-lost Harriettes, Ferrari, enzo Beijing this three-day weekend and we'll be celebrating her birthday! Come join us for a lovely 8km hash through the beautiful parks and tree-lined neighborhoods of Xinyuanli. Weather-permitting we'll have a classic lao Beijing bash al fresco in a beer garden with plenty of ice cold draft beer to cool off. Hares: Ferrari, Super [...]

Run 1909 Just Keep Swimming!

By |May 29th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

Pinch Punch, its the 1st of the month, Join us on a luxurious parade from old summer palace to new. We promise nothing. That said, we promise nothing. BUT if we didn't promise nothing, you might see abandoned temples, diving hippopotami, kingfishers and azure magpies if you're lucky. Come swim the imperial canals and partake in the time honoured tradition [...]


By |May 16th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

The Year 2029. Hashers find themselves in a parallel universe. The planet has been hit by three terrible plagues that wreaked death and destruction across the land. The first plague; a deadly KAMIKAZE ripped through the city, destroying everything in its path. The second plague; a heatwave that was TOO HOT TO HANDLE engulfed the city. The third and most [...]

Friday Fullmoon H3 Run #131

By |May 14th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Full Moon Hash House Harriers|

Summer runnin', had me a blast Summer runnin', hashing so fast Laid a trail, crazy for me Had a beer, maybe three Summer days drifting away To, uh oh, those hashing nights Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! Tell me more, tell me more Will we go very far? Tell me more, tell me more Like whens the next bar? Hares: Old [...]

May 18th Boxer #178: Badaling Warlords

By |May 13th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers|

The Beijing Great Wall at Badaling descends from the hills ending in a little known Jiayuguan-like fortress in Provincial Hebei. From whence, it is said, that long ago an evil band of roving Mongol thieves led by the dread boss Blister Foot the Elder robbed a Federal stage coach full of greenbacks otherwise destined to the coffers of warlords in [...]

BJHHH#1906: Cheese, wine and frivolity!

By |May 8th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

  Get your pinky fingers ready - no, not for that you dirty bastard - but for the fanciest hash of the spring! While searching for marks... We'll trail rivers worthy of the finest regattas, Cum close to wildlife glorious enough to compete with an African safari, Sip on great (Wall) wine and taste some yellow delights. And If that's [...]

Beijing HHH Run #1905: May the 4th Hash with you!

By |May 3rd, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

May the 4th be with you until Cinco de Mayo! But then you’ll feel the Revenge of the Sixth. Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” That's all bullshit. As a smart hasher once said, “Beer is what [...]

Beijing HHH Run #1904: The Amazing Worker’s Run

By |April 25th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

What is the best way to celebrate the Worker's day holiday? Work in a Sunday of course! That's why we urge you to come this SATURDAY to the Amazing Worker's Run! The Beijing Hash House Harriers has an extended tradition of celebrating Labour Day with class, Join your experienced hares celebrating in the manner that only hashers know best. The [...]

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Best runs ever with the Beijing Hash! Endless singing and people happy everywhere!

Pat Bonetar, Dayton H3

What a great time you gave us & what we had. Would really like to see you again. Thanks you lot! ON ON!

Sperm Whale, UK HHH

I wasn’t sure what to expect of these fellas… But once everything started, it was mind blowing! Never seen a kennel so energetic and fun! Keep it ON ON fuckers!

Crazy B*tch, Henderson HHH

Thanks so much for a wonderful Beijing Hash, the circle was fun and entertaining and the Beijing hashers are a happy lot, we hope to meet some in the land of Oz one day.

F*cking Nothing, Adelaide H3

The Beijing Hash saved my life in a hard moment, Hashing is a happy club bringing positive energy to humanity. On On

Pickle Boy, Beijing HHH

Thanks heaps to all the gang for making our stay at Beijing a happy and memorable experience. We really did enjoy ourselves at BH3 and by the end of the evening I felt we had made lots of new friends and certainly managed to get seriously drunk!

Phantom , Australia


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