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Next Friday 15th of December at Blue Marlin: 

It is once again the time of the year where we celebrate together with a jolly good merry party! A fantastic buffet with a 4h free flow beer, soft drinks and mixers. Dress code is formal with Santa hat and don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes for some post-dinner booty shaking, a live band will be playing all night long! More info with Heart On and Agent Orgy.


Do not miss any single run of the Beijing HHH, Fullmoon HHH or Boxer HHH.
Find all upcoming runs details here and find you can find any blame THE HARES!!! Our next run is…

Full Moon HHH Run #113: The Waning Moon Hash

What’s that you say? This month’s full moon has already been and gone? Pah, nonsense!

In much the same way as the ancient Greeks believed a woman’s womb would wander around her body, we at the Full Moon Hash are firm believers in the moon’s phases being determined by sheer force of will, rather than anything so mundane as a calendar.

So with that in mind, we belatedly invite you to take part in this month’s hastily put-together FMH! As ever, the details are a bit scant on the ground, but if you make your way over to Lingjing Hutong subway station exit C for 7:30pm (ish) on Wednesday (that’s tonight, right?) you’re sure to (probably) find some marks leading to the restaurant!


  • Hares:
    Old school rules, hares raised on the spot
  • Type:
    Live trail, old school catch-the-hare rules
  • When:
    Thursday, 16 August 2017
  • Time:
    Meeting 7:30, run 8:00
  • Hash Cash:
    Run & circle 20 kuai, dinner A-A-zhi (bill shared between diners)
  • Meet up:
    Restaurant: Xīdān yú kù sījiā cài (西单鱼库私家菜), Dongxie Jie
  • D’erections:
    4号线灵境胡同地铁站C口。往南走20米,在东斜街左转,饭馆儿是右边的第一个门口。Line 4 Lingjing Hutong Subway Station Exit C. Walk south for about 20 meters. Turn left into Dongxie Jie, restaurant is the first door on your right.


By | August 15th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Full Moon Hash House Harriers|

Beijing HHH Run #1816: International Baijiu Day Run

Like most holidays, it only comes once a year. And like most holidays, it’s loathed by anyone normal. But since your hares Agent Orgy, Just Dumb, and C3PeeHoles are not normal, they’re want to celebrate this holiday just like any other dysfunctional family fiesta: by getting drunk and yelling at the people they love. So to mark this most spiritual of holidays — World Baijiu Day — they’ll be taking you to the places Beijing’s real baijiu aficionados hang out.
On this Gulou-based Hash we’ll ramble along like old-timers contemplating the changing of the seasons in the Hutongs. We’ll strip to our skivvies and get some Houhai-style exercise to keep our bodies healthy. And of course, we’ll marvel at both the variety and the perfection of China’s national spirit at Beijing’s own Baijiu Museum. Then, if we haven’t yet drowned in liquor or lake scum, we’ll at last celebrate with the most traditional of traditions: circling around, clutching a beer, and screaming at our Hashy family.
So grab that bottle of Red Star* you keep on your windowsill and get ready to Gan Bei.
*Or grab a beer, or whatever. These hares may be dysfunctional but they’re not abusive. You will not have to drink baijiu if you do not want to!!


Just Dumb, C3PeeHoles, Agent Orgy


Sunday, August 13, 2017


Meet at 2:30pm. Hash starts at 3:00pm

Hash Cash:

30 RMB run/walk and circle
80 RMB run/walk, circle and dinner


Something you can swim in, a towel, and a drinking vessel

Meet up:

Furong Fanzhuang Restaurant



From Line 7 Gulou station Exit G, walk south about 300 meters to DofuChi Hutong and make a left turn. Walk east on Dofu Chi Hutong for about 500 meters to Bochao Hutong and make a right turn. Walk south on Baochao Hutong less than 50 meters to the restaurant, Furong Fanzhuang, on your right.


Beer sponsored by:


By | August 11th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

Hashing in Beijing

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Beijing! Beijing! What wonderful place to hash…

Beijing, Beijing, what a wonderful place to hash,
We have great fun dodging the shit and trash.
Our skies are never clear,
But we have cheaper beer.
We like our drinks,
Our singing stinks.
But welcome to the Beijing Hash!


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Beijing HHH Run #1798: Oops… We Did it Again

By | April 8th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

Our skies are never clear. We couldn't do this trail on January 1 because of the pollution, so we are recycling and reusing it! We have *cough* cleared the air *cough* for spring. So come frolic through a park and enjoy the warmer weather! There will be some PRINCIPAL PENETRATION in the DANGER ZONE and then maybe afterwards some HOT [...]

Beijing HHH Run #1797: The April Fools’ Day Hash

By | March 30th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

Hoaxes, pranks and practical jokes: that's what this time of year is made of. Some say April Fools' Day dates back to Viking times, when those crazy horn-heads would fashion whoopee cushions out of discarded sheep bladders. Others say it was invented by the French to ridicule any old stick-in-the-mud who didn't know the country had switched to the Gregorian [...]

The NO后悔 No Regrets FOYW #1796

By | March 30th, 2017|Hash Trash|

On the whole daylong Saturday, Boxer Hash #158 proceeded with flying colours as scheduled once a month hared by Cliff Behind, ChickenShit and No Shit Sherlock in Mentougou. More than 20 hashers were exhausted by a long trail as the story goes. Sunday Hash magnetizes around 50 hashers to ruggedize a fine time in a beautiful day. Hashing home is [...]

Beijing HHH Run #1796: The NO后悔 ( HouHui – Regret), Hou Hai FOYW’s Hash

By | March 24th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

What do you get when you mix SWEET & FURRY with BLOWJOB for their FOYW hash?   Great Head!   Add in a BLISTER FISTER shaking up a SANTORUM COCKTAIL around the HouHai Lakes area, and you got yourself a Hangover in the making.  But there will be no regrets (后悔HouHui), hashing around HouHai this Sunday, for the end of [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Hash #1795

By | March 24th, 2017|Hash Trash|

Organisms might be quantum machines As a party is announcing to set up a special fund for determining to win a “annihilation” of haze, AQI is haunting around 250 PM outdoors and Hashers party. Hearkening to! “Beijing, Beijing, what a wonderful place to hash, We have great fun dodging the shit and trash. Our skies are never clear, But we have [...]

Boxer Hash #158: Cherish Your Life, Don’t Climb Wild Mountain

By | March 24th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers|

Rock climbing is dangerous, but everywhere can be Danger Zone. You could be hit by women and break a leg (the third leg). You might be smashed face by drinking too much, next day you are yelling "How did that happen?" Or you are floating in the bathroom, and somebody may take a pics of you and then make laughter later. That is not [...]

The Llama Drama Hash #1794

By | March 18th, 2017|Hash Trash|

"Living material" is made of a hydrogel filled with programmed bacteria that light up in reaction to certain chemicals could replace the CSI - Crime-Scene Investigations and other scientific applications. 16th China Nash Hash Chengdu 2017 on March 10, 11 and 12 is dropping the curtain and over 20 Beijing active hashers exchanged the hashing felicity with more than 100 [...]

Beijing HHH Run #1795: The St. Patrick’s Day Hash

By | March 18th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

The big St. Patrick's Day Run. The one run of the year when massive pre-run hangovers are not just okay, but encouraged and expected. "It's too early for a beer," said no Irishman ever. Wear green and help us drive the snakes out of Sanlitun (except for Dickmocracy, Sausage Party, etc.). Sponsored by: [list type="icon-check-empty"] Hares: Roadkill O'Leary, Bjorn Murphy, [...]

The Déjà Vu Hash #1793 and Full Moon #108

By | March 10th, 2017|Hash Trash|

Pickle Boy’s Money Paradox reveals money is to maintain basic living and award those who contribute to human improvement. But many people regard money as the ultimate goal with which they show contempt for other values, such as artistic talent, love, health, conscience, integrity, wisdom, peace, etc, even making money by hook or crook or by hurting others. Because they [...]

Beijing HHH Run #1794: The Llama Drama Hash

By | March 10th, 2017|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

  Spring is in the air in Beijing! Flowers are blooming, the days are warm and sunny, and the clear blue skies are enough to make any old-time Beijing Hasher think twice. Speaking of twice, this week’s Hash might or might not explore an area of the city that is coincidentally similar to the Full Moon Hash.   But as [...]

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Best runs ever with the Beijing Hash! Endless singing and people happy everywhere!

Pat Bonetar, Dayton H3

What a great time you gave us & what we had. Would really like to see you again. Thanks you lot! ON ON!

Sperm Whale, UK HHH

I wasn’t sure what to expect of these fellas… But once everything started, it was mind blowing! Never seen a kennel so energetic and fun! Keep it ON ON fuckers!

Crazy B*tch, Henderson HHH

Thanks so much for a wonderful Beijing Hash, the circle was fun and entertaining and the Beijing hashers are a happy lot, we hope to meet some in the land of Oz one day.

F*cking Nothing, Adelaide H3

The Beijing Hash saved my life in a hard moment, Hashing is a happy club bringing positive energy to humanity. On On

Pickle Boy, Beijing HHH

Thanks heaps to all the gang for making our stay at Beijing a happy and memorable experience. We really did enjoy ourselves at BH3 and by the end of the evening I felt we had made lots of new friends and certainly managed to get seriously drunk!

Phantom , Australia