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Tianjin-Beijing Friendship Grasslands Hash

By |2017-06-22T11:18:16+08:00July 30th, 2014|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Hash House Harriers, Upcoming Events, What's new?|

Join the Beijing-Tianjin Hashes in an amazing adventure in the Zhangbei grasslands! Our mis-management have prepared a weekend to not forget where camaraderie and  debauchery will be the guests of honor! Schedule Please read carefully the times, we will try to keep everything on time (hash time hehehe). Friday August 1st We will drive to 张家口 (Zhangjiakou) in the evening and stay [...]

Full Moon Hash – aka Prison Break 2008 aka “the longest Hash ever”

By |2017-06-22T11:18:19+08:00June 8th, 2014|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers, Full Moon Hash House Harriers, Hash House Harriers, Hash Trash|

The photo might be from a couple of runs later… Sometime in April 23rd 2008… As night approached in Beijing it looked like a great evening to run. Fairly warm, not too polluted, somewhat clear, promising on all accounts. The Hares, Trixxxie and Dazed and Confused arrived early at the Rickshaw, ready to go, flour in hands. By 8:15, 11 [...]

Hash Trash run #1648

By |2017-06-22T11:18:20+08:00May 27th, 2014|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Hash House Harriers, Hash Trash|

Handshake Strength Reveals Education And Age A gale of strong wind blows away a hovering air pollution and out of nowhere, a pair of brand-new rainbow-color running shoes with no shoelaces rolling into nearly 40 colorful hashers, small size. Nobody knows who a pair of shoes is. Dry Hole and puppy scamper off far ahead from the end of shit [...]

Run #1648: The Jumping Jack Hash

By |2017-06-22T11:18:20+08:00May 23rd, 2014|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Hash House Harriers|

On May 25th, 1968, the Rolling Stones (the older ones of you will remember this group) released their song  “Jumping Jack Flash”. To remember this historic landmark in music history, we’ll have “The Jumping Jack Hash” on May 25th, 2014. Not featuring the Rolling Stones! No world tour! A one day event only! In Beijing! Performed by your Hares Teddy’s Secret. [...]

Run #1645: The Cinco de Mayo Run

By |2017-06-22T11:18:22+08:00May 7th, 2014|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Hash House Harriers|

The 5th of May marks the last and final time invading European forces were defeated in North America. In the Americas, people celebrate this sacred holiday by getting day drunk on Margaritas, doing tequila shots with the worm, and wearing novelty sombrero's & ponchos. To honor this important tradition, we will have all-you-can-eat Mexican food and all-you-can-drink Margaritas and beer. [...]

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