The Exotic and Historical Bamboo Hash #1837

By 2038, most countries will have less than 50% of their populace thinking that religion is important to them.

Clap! Clap! A burst of applause comes from 6/7 local middle school students who are enjoying the sight of the Hash celebration circle shaped by about 20 hashers at the entranceway of a middle school. GM Shanghai Man and proxy RA Dry Hole take turns to moderate the performance. After welcoming a virgin with a little ceremony, The 3 hares Cum in My Brum, Blow Harder and substitute Just Christie are repeatedly hailed out to drink for their bracing gig. Lost In Marks & Spencer scores his run patch and beer mug. Hash songs blare out one after another. Chewancca as latecomer squeezes in. Just in time that school is over. A flow of students have to cross through the Hash circle. Perhaps these local teenagers are the first to meet the hashers’ event, including a few teachers who keep an eye on the hashers in silence. Maybe these young people would be potential hashers in the future. Dazed & Confused whispers it’s the same in Columbia. The Hash circle looks like a higgledy-piggledy situation. Some hashers then trot in the circle and sing the Lost Control song. Rambo Number Five clattering trifles on his body and Blister Fister each “accuses” of something. Pickle Boy “accuses” of the hares who didn’t arrange a sweeper hare to crack the checking marks in the trail, and so forth. Several students and teachers don’t leave until RA DH leads choruses of Swing Low with crew in the end. Everyone has a whale of a time.

The Hash Harriers House is diagonally opposite Minzu University of China. GM SHM and RA DH preside over a simple ritual and then kick off the hashing. The hashers jump on the bandwagon for hashing. Crash Test Dummy scuttles in front with rock-solid reason. Luckily it’s a lucid sky. On left into a quiet and straight alleyway. Danger Zone nips on ahead. An Open Check sign separates the hashers. As it seems to lose the way, the hare BH shows a way into a campus, bizarre architecture and elegant surroundings. Just Wenhui shilly-shally calls out a mark in a turning. Out of it, going into a beeline and prolonged trail southward along the busy street and crossing a canal bridge, slanting a side road into a congested lane to see the first beer stop before a supermarket. The runners and walkers get together to talk and sip. Drinks Like Girl, Anal Compulsion, Oracle Boner and Just Jourdan are the last group to arrive. Doctor Shocker smokes alone.

Having no option but to move forward to the main road. When the hashers hesitate about the trail, DH takes the lead to shout out a sign and soon entering the Purple Bamboo Park, DH’s shouting winds up to a pavilion where the hashers have an open view of the iced lake and the part has been enclosed for swarm of kids’ skating. All runners click a group photo for a Hash Hold. Carrying on! An expanse of bamboos erecting on the rockery constructs an Arcadia. Pussy Nibble sighs, “how beautiful!” Breakfast Included then detours to cross an iced pool. A whoop of yelling out the marks by the hashers rushes out of the park. Once turning right on a lane, reaching the second beer stop. A giant sled Husky cared by 2 local boys is like a dog with two tails staying with the hashers. D&C as latecumer pops in. DH buys snack to treat the hashers. The walkers have not appeared. Then the runners have to press forward. Making one crossing and two turnings and by accident, to loop back to the start point. The most frightening things are usually the most worthwhile.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Wednesday,
January 17, 2018

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