For all you Hashers with itchy feet, here are important dates that you need to mark in your diary:
In April 15 to 17, we will have our 120th Hash, and it will be the 14th anniversary of Hash in Nanjing.  So the April Hash will be even worse than usual, as promised by the incompetence of our Mismanagement Committee.


Arrival Friday afternoon/early evening 15th April Bluesky Aussie Bar, 77 Shanghai LuLocal Hashers will be there to confuse you.

Friday evening
Hash trail sign up from 7pm ALL Hashers to wear a red dress

Saturday afternoon
Hash trail start 1pm – The main event This is our family Hash event, and crudity and lasciviousness is toned down.

Sunday morning
Hangover Hash (is there any other kind?) Start at 11am – a shortish run unless you get lost againFor those who have to leave, your bags etc can be left at Bluesky (to be sold to add to the Nanjing Hashcash coffers)

Investment in the weekend’s events 250rmb.  
Including dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday 

Accommodation choices

Mid market (for those with no brains and no money)
Motel 168 opposite Bluesky
178 rmb per night

Up market (for those with more money than brains)
Suning International Hotel round the corner in Guangzhou Lu
550 Rmb per nigh

tAddress details and more info will be sent to those who can be bothered to tell us they are coming. 

On On

Laurence Will You Marry Me Harris 
R.A. and dogsbody