Oh yeah!! In less than a month hashers from all over China and other countries, will be heading to Qingdao to participate on the 9th. All China Nash Hash (3-5 of Sept. 2010), the biggest hash event in China. Don’t miss this opportunity of a great weekend of fun and debauchery with a bunch of Hashers ready to have party all the weekend!
As we mention before the event organizer are promising a visit to the famous Tsingtao brewery, beer, Pub crawling around the city centre, beer, runs in the Laoshan Nature park, beer, a huge open circle in the beach, beer, runs in the old Town, beer and great parties and of course: MORE BEER!!

Now we have a group of confirmed Beijing Hashers attending (see below) but we know more people want to join us!
So we need you to register ASAP at http://orthoqd.com/3HWEC and confirm if you are joining the Beijing Delegation so we can prepare everything. We need to buy tickets, arrange accommodation, plus the very special haberdashery exclusive for Beijing H3 Delegates.

Send an email to dazedandconfused@hash.cn confirming your participation with the following info:

I’m IN for the Nash Hash

Your name
Your Hash name
Preferred Travelling dates

We will include you in the list where we will discuss further details about the Nash Hash.
Finally, here is the partial list (please make sure you registered or are in process and confirm again by email) of people who is attending the Nash Hash so far:

  • Your Name can be here!!
  • Greybeard
  • Spiking Viking
  • Wasabi Geisha
  • Pyromaniac
  • Masturbacker
  • What’s up Cock
  • Moore Head
  • Holger Meier
  • Tasty Piss
  • Dazed & confused
  • Petting Zoo
  • Snot
  • Zeta Zhang
  • Pretty Woman
  • Gudrun Zielonka
  • Fuck that Monkey (WFC)
  • Lucky Boy (WFC)
  • Bottoms up (WFC)
  • Placenta (WFC)
  • Lynn Zhang (WFC)
    • WFC: Waiting for confirmation
For additional info and how to register visit their website http://orthoqd.com/3HWEC