The most waited run of the year has come! A run that does not need presentations or preambles:

Lord Cockington, Twinkle Balls and Cumshot, in her debut as walking hare, are going to provide us with an amazing run in one of the most venerated places of Beijing! Are you ready?? On On to the Red Dress Run this Sunday!!

  • TYPE
    A to A
    Lord Cockington, Twinkle Balls and Cumshot
  • WHEN
    Sunday 1st. of May – 2011
  • TIME
    Meet at 13:30, Run starts at 14:00
  • MEET AT 
    South entrance of Qianhai Lake (Houhai Area), under the Chinese arch by Starbucks.
    By Subway
    From Pinganli Subway Line 4, then Bus 623 Eastwards to Beihai Beimen Bus Stop.
    By Bus
    Beihai Beimen Bus Stop
    From Dongzhimen Bus 107 Westwards.
    From Xizhimen Bus 111 Eastwards.
    From Gongrentiuchang Bus 118 and 623 Westwards.
    Check map here
    20 run only, 60 run and dinner
    – Obviously… a RED DRESS
    – But I am a man!! And you have never run a HHH Red Dress run?? Shame on you!!
    – But I am a Girl!! And you dont have a Red Dress?? Shame on You!!
    – But I am a Virgin!! Sorry about that… You still need to wear Red at least.
    – But I dont know what I am!! Then you might be one of our hashers’ pet and I dont know how the hell are you reading this… but you also need to wear Red.
    – OK… So where to get a Red Dress? Excellent question… From your Girlfriend, best friend, sister, aunt… There are even some hashers that have extra red dresses for visitors, or you can do like a guy we know, who stole a Red Dress from his Girlfriend’s best friend… But we particulary recomend the Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market, they know us already.
    A lot of Red Dresses!! But why?According to hasher lore, a newcomer (virgin) in San Diego was invited to a hash; unbeknownst to her it was a running group, and she attended the run in a red dress instead of running clothes. After being mocked for wearing such an outfit she ran the trail anyway. Other hashers began wearing red dresses as a joke and the tradition soon became an annual event that spread across the world.

On On to the Red Dress Run 2011!!