This is the one holiday where our full blown alcoholism could possibly go unnoticed!



China celebrates International Labor Day. Unlike many of China’s holidays, this one is not tied to the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese workers and students and even some Hashers get a few days off. Some Hashers chose to go to Strawberry festivals (lame) and others will play with themselves on on a stage in front of a crowd (odd). To celebrate this holiday, the hardest working Hares in the business, Fetus Envy, 6 Kuai Short and Pikinsky Bikinisky invite you to enjoy a trail full of marks that won’t be swept away! Come join us for the best built trail ever. We will be going through Olympic Park and marvel at all the work it took to construct the manmade lake and other tributes to the workers of Beijing .  It will be the first A to B trail of the year! So just like work you need to be there ON TIME 3 PM or you will not be able to check your bag. Plan ahead so you can get there ON TIME! Also, Just like the days of work you will have to make up, if you miss this trail you will pay for it later…

“I think we can all agree that when work gets in the way of our drinking time, it is time to start drinking at work”

Dazed & Confused 2016


6 Kuai short, Pikinski Bikiniski, and Fetus Envy


A to B


Sunday, 1 May 2016


Meet at 14:30 You need to be there BEFORE 15:00

Hash Cash:

30 RMB run and circle
80 RMB run, circle and dinner

Meet up:

Olympic Green Subway station Exit F (Line 8 & 15)