What are the Hash House Harriers?

We are an international running, walking, and drinking club with chapters all over the world. The Hash is a non-competitive running group (with walkers), but we enjoy drinking beer along the way. This is not a race, it is a chase. You don’t have to be fast. If you like being active outdoors and drinking a beer with your friends, then come to the Hash!

What is the Red Dress Charity Run?

On June 19th, The Beijing Hash House Harriers will host a Red Dress Run for charity. Everyone who attends is expected to wear a red dress. Help us paint the town red! Join us as we run through the streets of Beijing in red dresses. 

All profits will be donated to China Little Flower, an organization that gives care to orphaned and severally disabled infants and children. 




2016年6月19日,北京Hash House Harriers将继续主办今年的“红裙跑”。所有活动参与者必须身着红裙!本次活动筹集到的所有资金将捐献给北京“小花关爱”慈善机构,以此为帮助弃婴及孤儿贡献一份力量。届时,将有数百人身着红裙组成热情洋溢的红色海洋!就缺你了,来吧!我们等着你!

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We won the evolution lottery, you and I. Here we are, standing on the shoulders of millennia of lucky mutations and incredible genetic flukes that have led us to the, erm, advanced beings that we are. Apes diverged from gibbons, great apes from orangutans, chimpanzees from gorillas, humans from chimps, and finally in 2016 H. harriers from H. sapiens. On Sunday, June 19, you’ll see the next beautiful fluke of nature — the highly-evolved, red-dress-wearing, beer-guzzling Hash House Harriers of Beijing.

Have you ever wondered whether evolution is directed or random? How did we end up here?  Come test out your theories of evolution as we watch the next divergence of species take place. Join our boisterous band of buffoons as we strut our stuff around one of the most artistically evolved neighborhoods of Beijing. Don your finest red frocks to trot (and/or walk) in a hunt for marks to the closest beer stop to feed our incredibly developed brains.

To answer life’s mysteries and celebrate the next perfected species of H. harriers, please join Melon Dress, Super Skirter and Herr Splashy Skirt at this year’s Red Dress Run.

All profits will be donated to China Little Flower, a local organization that helps orphans and abandoned children in need through long term care, foster care, specialized care, education, hospice and more. Find out more at chinalittleflower.org.

Beer proudly sponsored by:
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    • Hares:
      Melon Dress, Super Skirter and Herr Splashy Skirt
    • Type:
      A to A
    • When:
      Sunday, 19 June 2016
    • Time:
      Meet at 14:00, run and walk start at 15:00
    • Hash Cash:
      100 RMB run/walk, and circle
      150 RMB run/walk,circle and dinner
      (Feel free to donate MORE to a great cause!!! We will have VEDETT beer for the circle!!!)
    • Meet up:
      Wan’s Kitchen (B10 Courtyard, 2nd Road, 798 Art District, Chaoyang District)
      小万食堂 (朝阳区大山子798艺术区2号路B10号院内)
    • D’erections:
      Get to the restaurant from the north entrance of 798 follow the blue trail on the map if you take a taxi there。Also,you can get there by buses:401、402、405、445、909、946、973、988、991,get off of the bus at 大山子路口南(Dashanzilukounan bus station)then get into 798 from the west entrance No.2 then follow the pink trail!!