Build cars, polish them every Sunday and drive without a limit on the German highway? Not with us. You heard about Flunky ball and Kastenlauf?

We Germans like to drink beer and that everywhere, anytime and in every position. If we are sick we drink warm beer, if we’re not sick – we drink it cold! If we play games – we play with beer, if we run or walk we do it with beer, if we’re lost – we drink beer, if we are  horny we …. No, then we trink it only before and after.

So……where are you from? -Beijing, Germany.

What should we do on Sunday ? Let’s run …. And trink beer !


Running hares: Just Dima, just Jakob

Walking hare: All Asshole, No sack


A to B

Bag Drop Available on boxer bus



Aug 21st, Sunday



Meet at 2:30pm, run starts at 3pm


Hash Cash:

30 RMB (run, beer, circle),105 RMB (run, beer, circle, dinner)

We have 2 cases of 500ml authentic German beers donated by the two German hares! Come and enjoy it!


World park south gate


Fengbaolu 158 Huaxiang, Fengtai, Beijing



Get out of exit C/D of Dabaotai subway station Fengtai line, then follow the map.


Bring green health code and 72 hours test  for the restaurant.