Lost in the circle with all that crazy terminology used by the hashers? here is your lifesaver!
  • “Are You?” (RU?)
    Question shouted by the pack to FRBs, meaning “Are you on the trail?”
  • Back check
    Trail mark indicating that back tracking is necessary in order to find the true trail because the true trail branches off prior to the check mark
  • Back hare/Sweep hare/Sweeper/checking chicken
    Hare who remains with the last runners
  • Bash
    Bicycle Hash
  • Beer Check
    Beverage stop or trail mark indicating a beverage stop
  • Beermeister/master
    The person that supplies the beer, soda, water, and chips for the hash
  • Check
    Trail mark indicating the true trail must be sought out from the false trails.
  • Circle
    Assembly of hashers at trail’s end, normally for the purpose of conducting down-downs
  • “Checking”
    Answer shouted by FRB to pack when asked “Are You?”, indicating that FRB has not determined whether the trail he’s following is true or false
  • DFL
    Dead Fucking Last, the last person to reach the On-in, opposite of FRB.
  • Down-Down
    The ceremony of quaffing a beverage (an honor)
  • False trail
    A short trail ended with the Tee sign, three lines, or other mark indicating termination
  • FOYW
    Fuck Off You Wank: when a member of the hash is sadly leaving or moving out to another place.

  • FRB
    Front-Running Bastard: faster members of the pack, or the first to arrive at the on-in.
  • Grand Master/Mistress (GM)
    Mismanagement member, ceremonial leader of the hash. This term is, in many hashes, given to the Hash Master/Mistress after his tenure.
  • Grand Mattress (GM)
    Synonym for Grand Mistress.
  • Haberdasher
    Mismanagement member in charge of T-shirts, hats, mementos, etc.
  • Hare
    Hasher who lays the trail.
  • Hare Raiser
    Mismanagement member in charge of lining up hares for future trails
  • Harriette
    Female hasher
  • Hash Cash
    Mismanagement member; the treasurer
  • Hash Flash
    Designated photographer for hash events

  • Hash Horn
    Mismanagement member; carries a horn or bugle on trail, blows it to encourage and guide the pack
  • Hash House
    The Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, meeting place of the Mother Hash
  • Hash House Harrier/Harriette
    Any hasher
  • Hash Name
    Nickname, usually bestowed after a set number of runs or in honour of a notable incident; not used by all hashes.
  • Hash Trash
    Newsletter, usually with reports of previous hashes and a list of upcoming events.
  • Hash Shit
    Offensive or embarrassing object awarded to a hasher for notable on-trail accomplishments, normally carried by the awardee on subsequent trails until it is awarded to someone else.
  • Hashing
    The act of running a hash trail
  • Held/hold Check
    Trail mark indicating an intersection where true trail may take another direction, but requires hashers to wait until ordered by the hare to ‘check it out’
  • Horrors
    Children of hashers
  • Hounds
    The body of hashers in pursuit of the hare, see also Pack
  • Interhash
    World hash gathering
  • Kennel or Chapter
    Local Hash Group
  • Live Hare
    Hare who gets a nominal head start and is pursued by the pack as he or she lays trail
  • Mismanagement
    Hash officials; sometimes elected, sometimes appointed
  • Nash hash
    A national gathering of Hashers
  • “On Call”
    Shouted in response to “Are you” by a hashers to indicate that while they do not see any trail markings, they are following someone else’s “On On” calls.
  • On In / On Inn
    Trail’s end, also On-Inn; trail mark indicating proximity to end
  • “On On”
    Shouted by FRBs or hounds (or hashers) to indicate they are on true trail. Only shouted by a hasher to indicate they see true trail markings. See also “On Call”
  • On Sec
    Mismanagement member normally in charge of hash rosters, run records, etc
  • Puppies
    Children of hashers, see “Horrors”
  • Receding Hareline
    List of up-and-coming hash events, normally printed in the Hash Trash

  • Religious Advisor (RA)
    Mismanagement member, often in charge of Circle, also in charge of blessing the hash and settling disputes over tradition. Also considered to be responsible for the weather.
  • Scribe
    Mismanagement member normally in charge of writing The Words
  • SCB
    Short-Cutting Bastard: habitual short-cutter
  • Shiggy
    Thick vegetation, streams, etc; especially mud. See also Vertical Shiggy.
  • Sweeper see Back hare

  • Virgin
    Hash newbie; first-time hasher.