It’s a typical new year’s resolution to try to get in shape – and there’s all sorts of diets and workout regimes promising they’ll help you achieve it. Some of the worst ones might even advise you to cut down your drinking.

Well, here at 京A we’re going to tell you something new: you can have your cake and eat it, too. Or rather, you can have your beer (who needs cake?), and still get a workout, if you’re bold enough to run in the upcoming 京A Beer Mile!

The rules are simple:  Competitors will drink four 400ml servings of 京A beer, one for each quarter mile lap run.

The race starts with the drinking of the first beer and ends of with the completion of the fourth lap.

Cost of entry is RMB 150, due at registration on race-day, which gets you 4 京A beers and a finisher’s T-shirt, plus a variety of prizes for all you competitive types out there. Register now! beer mile poster print

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