Do you want to celebrate your Birthday or promotion? Finally your Mother-in-law is gone? Or you just feel silly and want to have some nice time with your friends? There are all kind of excuses for the hash social.


We have been informed that following an ownership dispute at the Kro’s Nest the food quality has deteriorated considerably and until the dispute is resolved several hashers have indicated that they would prefer the hash did not support this venue.  Not wanting to defame anyone, if you want to read more please read:
We are therefore changing the venue to THE TREE at No. 43 N. Sanlitun South (Down the alley from the Sanlitun police; near Kai Bar).  Tel: 64151954. Click here For detailed directions.
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This FRIDAY, at 7:30PM we will have a fantastic hash social at THE TREE, the best pizza in Beijing according to the local magazines! So dont miss the oportunity of sharing some beers with your hash friends while enjoying a delicious pizza!