We finally had a break in the weather (8 degrees) and expected a huge turn out for the “Best Hash of the Year” when one hare turned ill, Dry Hole, and the other was forced to go to work at THE Embassy, Josh Lagos!  After some frantic calls from the sick man himself, the Reverend and I agreed to try and follow his map and hare the event (FYI – “050” said “This map is shiiiit!!” at least 2 or 3 times as a walker even though he made it from A to A no problem).   While marking the trail the Reverend was interested in a shop window and I asked is it the giant stuffed breast?  He turned red as he realized the kid’s toy was for sale in the same store as porn…whoops adult toys.  I guess it is truly a family store!

We ended up with a small crowd with several LTNS and Circus Freak kept his streak alive by bringing yet another virgin, a dutchman no less.  We also had a gentleman running around taking pictures from Inside Beijing magazine.  He even tried “running” the first 3-400 meters snapping action shots.  Luckily the commodities price on chalk dropped dramatically from last week so we could go crazy with big and colorful marks.  Even Reverend “borrowed” chalk from his school.

Fortunately the hash was a maze of hutongs and alleyways around the Lama Temple.  Hashers were treated to bars and restaurants and enough leftover snow and ice to keep things interesting.  LSW kept asking “where are the marks?” and each time we showed him the marks he complained that we just put them there – maybe it was those sunglasses; at least it was worth a “down down” in the circle.  At the first beer stop F That Monkey scaled a 15 foot wall and begged for someone to pass him a beer…we said next time take one with you.  We set an open bottle on the ground and just as mysteriously as he was up, he was down and swigging the beer!  We ran into the walker’s as a portion of the trail ran counter (or for the Brits “anti”) to the run trail.  A quick greeting and we were back on the trail.

Circus Freak got lost AGAIN – but turned up just in time for the 2nd beer stop – must have a heightened sense of smell.  As we passed Lydia’s bar we thought “why isn’t this summer” so we can have a 3rd beer stop but we were soon to be “On Home” with cold beer waiting.

As folks changed into warmer clothes, Fuck that Monkey expressed excitement to be running in his “hood” and was amazed when he saw that you could run 10K in a 5-6 block area.  Hutongs can be great for distance and scenery (thanks for the map DH)!  We found a quiet alley with beer, kids toys, random bikes and boxes for the circle; and Circus Freak said we found a “hoarder”, I knew warehousing in China was going to be huge.  LSW opened the circle and after calling in several hashers for down downs turned the circle over to the Reverend.  Our website survey results were also posted and only 2 people voted for “more beer”!  Seriously ONLY 2 people???  Also he let us in on the upcoming edible theme park in Beijing…will it include beer?  Hopefully we can get more than just those 2 hashers to visit the exhibit!  He also treated us to an imposter on the hash as Jane Chipman wore a French beret (and was treated to an off-key version of Raspberry Beret).  Also heard on the hash from Wasabi Geisha addressing Circus Freak (unaccompanied by Bonnie Shot this week), “You have a lot of nuts in your bag!”  And even the walkers were abused for somehow finishing their 4.5K walk in 30 minutes less than the runners.   With a few accusations and a dropping temperature we were “On Food”.  The restaurant is famous for it’s pork buns, or as F That Monkey says “the meat is wear it’s at”!

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