Well folks had to make an effort to get out to Shunyi for this week’s hash but the reward was excellent Mexican food and FREE FLOW MARGARITAS. We had carloads of hashers arriving culminating with Piles and a load of nine hashers wedged into his jeep.  As we waited for Snot to return from verifying the 2nd beer stop and a few trail marks, we rounded up the last of the 22 hashers and loaded the bags into Piles car.  The restaurant (Mexican Kitchen) already had our tables and buffet line ready for our return.  With Snot in hand we quickly explained the always complex Snot hash marks and e send us “On On thata way”.

As we ran down the road frantically looking for more marks (some leniency to Snot as he did all the haring and marking of trail himself) we quickly realized hey this is Snot afterall so surely he will do something interesting and with that we were running across fields trying not disturb the horses and beekeepers.

Petting Zoo with her child were running along but fortunately the walkers were not far behind so they gathered them up and MB, Ma Baker and Pyromaniac gave her a German escort.  As we reached an open check and Spiking Viking, Lil Sai Wanker, Hard to Live With and the Reverend Slackbladder headed out to look for the trail with no luck.  Snot eventually showed up and gave us a hint (although we never did find that 1 meter tall left turn mark).  With a little additional searching we were back “On On”.  Who would think that running through horse droppings would actually smell better than a Hutong bathroom.

It seemed like we had been running forever as we crossed a narrow bridge over the polluted Shunyi River and approached another orchard and then the RSB’s British School.  Visibly shaken we were awoken by my mobile and Snot “CLAIMING” that he was screaming at us as we ran past the first beer stop and were now 5-8 minutes from the second beer stop.  I asked how is it that you are just now calling if we passed the beer stop 20 minutes ago.  He didn’t seem to have a good answer other than a promise that cold beer was a mere 5-8 minutes away.  I gave D&C and Tom Howard the bad news and some Kleenex and after blowing their noses they gathered the strength to continue.  Ghengis Cum led the charge and we were shortly at the Oasis in the middle of Shunyi and guzzling cold beer.  Somehow the RSB dropped a full cup so LSW strongly suggested that he do a full cup “down down”.  Of course he agreed – as we were all dehydrated.

Snot was about 10 minutes behind with the last group of hashers accounted for so we headed “On On”. Eventually as with all Snot trails we lost it COMPLETELY!  We could see planes taking off so we quickly had a group think moment and headed back to Pinnacle Plaza knowing cold beer and FROZEN MARGARITAS would follow!

We had two late comers, our song guru Jolly Green Knob and the ever smart dressing Dry Hole, fresh from Shanghai, but he assured us that he has running clothes under the business attire and accompanied by matching luggage…of course he had to drink for that!!  Unfortunately Piles had to leave before the circle…maybe he was worried that accusations might keep him from driving.

Everyone changed quickly so we could get the circle rolling and with only a few LTNS we handed out Finger Looking Good’s 10 Run patch, Lay Low and Pussy Problem’s 25 Run patch and Spiking Viking’s 111 Run patch.

The RSB launched into his monologue punishing our hashers including Pyro wearing the “Tourist-Only” Great Wall Hat.  Accusations flew with Pussy Problem being called in for complaining about his nipples and his time of the month… as the rain began to pour and the margaritas called us we closed the circle and were “On MEXICAN Food”.

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On On

Moore Head