Through the hinterlands somewhere southeast of Beijing we jogged and walked around the coverts, flood control ditches, field, hutongs, industrial parks and new byways near the Der Backer’s new facility. The run had enough open checks and 2 or 3 ways to make even the boldest hasher go a little crazy. Happily MB was guilty of biking and coaching the runners all at the time. This is a baker’s idea of multi-tasking on the trail. Fortunately, he did patiently lead us to two very refreshing beer stops (What? a hare on a bicycle?).

The mood of the run was marked by a few common themes: sweat saved by beer, pig shit and public toilet odors that could kill most nasal passages of mere common humans —but not us— and around 25 hashers that could not resist Der Backer’s hospitality.

The voices of encouragement from the locals could be heard far away like it was in rhythm with the steps of the runners, until some of them decided to take their shirt off to beat the heat. From that moment on we could only hear crying children and howling dogs. We still don’t know if it was due to Snot’s hairy body or his beer belly… or both!

Returning to the circle, the old tradition of sitting naughty hashers on ice came back during this run. Although we didn’t have the traditional block of ice, the 2 massive boxes were completely filled up with pieces of ice, and that really did the job! Especially for most of the Americans and Brits who suffered for the world cup football tie of 1-1, though somehow Spiking Viking, true to his Italian roots temporarily ditched his British passport and a chance to freeze his lower cheeks. Some other enjoyed the cold touch of ice: the hares, the stand in RAs, GM and a few others. We had almost forgotten there were so many pale buttocks!

Since The Reverend couldn’t be with us in this run, the circle had to be livened by 2 RAs instead of 1: Dazed & Confused and Spiking Viking made their appearance to the delight of those present! There were plenty of calls to everyone and a bunch of nonsensical songs! Even “Crazy Bitch” was called into the circle for causing trouble instead of coming to our runs! Indiana Jones pretended to pass our way unnoticed but her efforts were in vane because she ended up in the center of the circle, too. We were happy to see Cock Lobster back, although we don’t want to see him half naked sitting on ice again. Not to mention Limp Tart who forced us to wash our eyes after his multiple encounters with the box of ice and his not too bashful privates.

We had quite a delegation from European countries which only added to those passing out opportunistic down downs. We got to visitors from Finland (I think they ended in the ice as well if I can recall…) and of course the Teutonic hordes, whose large group was the predominant nationality on this run!

After hours and hours of beer and songs we finally headed to the banquet prepared by the Backers: Steaks, sausages, veggie kebabs, pretzels, several great cabbage and spaghetti salads topped off with tasty little desserts, and of course, a lot of draught beer!

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D&C and Snot