PM 217 at noon of 12:10, February 17, 2013, I made up my mind to head for Hash tightly masked my hash scarf although hydrocarbon and nitrogen dioxide in the air that are menacing the people’s health have been lasting fitfully in the months in a row. Upon the arrival of the rendezvous, it seems a set of painting of Van Gogh emerging that some hashers were erecting there in a context of a quite desolate site like Knob In Hood, Come On Vacation, Jasmine and a virgin. Caught some chitchats one another for a while.

The time was ticktocking us to move on the restaurant. Other hashers coming up by then, they were Pretty Woman, Chelsea Sucker and another virgin, with exchange of greetings and merriment. Hashers’s cline phenomenon displayed again, eonian bright and colorful, because more hashers already got to the restaurant, e.g. Kiss My Maple Leaf, Twinkle Ball, Prancing Queen, Undulator, Dazed and Confused, CumShot, LeCunt,etc. Horny On Top in particular navigated her spaceship-style cycle and slammed the brake with her light year speed in front of hasher intraday home, of course, her puppy partner gave her backlash smooch on her cheek straddled her back in her harness while she grabbed a handful of air.

After changed on the paludaments shortly, each hasher got ready! At 3:00PM or so. Ho! Today majority were to run, only two left to walk. Bravissimo! The radiances and verves of hashers seemed to charge at conquering something, that must be self I suppose. However they were definitely on high spirit just as the generals, the knights and the warriors. In simple expeditionary rite, other than GM interpretation of Hash rule, then the minute GM Pretty Woman murmured the invocation and blessing on hashers, the gnosis as well started watching over us.

“Open Check!” a voice unshackled resoundingly, the hashers spread out to make their way to. “Where’s the mark?” some hasher queried every now and then. Listen! Somewhere either backward or forward, either larboard or starboard, coming out the rallying cry. “On-On!” “On right!” “On Left!” “Nothing!” “Checking!” Always some hashers can stumble across the marks that this time the hares charted a clear-cut ones that counted. Being coursed along the thoroughfares, coasted through withered grove, skipped across over the footbridge, whized past the frowzy outlying village strewn about small dumping grounds reeked of pungent fetors, there in a striking contrast with downtown fancy structures, of whose intolerance had incited some hashers screamed through and through. Soon after, before the hashers, appeared a small hill in which hashers’s astonishment quickened the paces to scale up. Rather looked upon it as a big mound than a hill because cannot spot any vegetation over the top.

I thought this must be the style of Kiss My Maple Leaf because it’s evidently showed a taste of the boxing hash as a wild unmanned mountain area. Evoked Pickle Boy shouted, “Never be over the hill! Be young forever!” .though, his hash scarf still wasn’t off his face as a gas mask all the along, only him in this way, squeamish? Much less, his over-talk have posed the jive talk to the rest after the nectors ad-hoc. Beyond doubt, two beer stops en route of running were like pit stop to fuel hashers up with cold beer but a pity! There’s not pit lizard to cheer us up on the road. It’s fine. The talking could be a substitute.

At second beer stop, the attentions of hashers were rivetted on the flirtation between puppy partner of Horny On Top and local poodle. Nobody knew this pair of puppy lovers would be for a serious relation or just a easy one. The scene of their romping lovemaking in which their positions were altered in stagger way on top and under down was sensational. Since hashers run to the home from the second beer stop. This local poodle with his/her passion of love all the way stalked the puppy partner of Horny On Top to the Hash home for an exhibition of a spoony, on the way, Pretty Woman cannot do the trick by hooting this local poodle off to his/her home, until the hashers primed for a circle down-down., this infatuated lover disappeared.

The circle ritual was not as different as it used to be. As a pleased procedure, GM/RA enumerated unusual things and weird hashers that begot today for fun and memory, including virgin’s welcome, long-time-no-sees and latecomers’s slap-on-the-wrist as well as grotesque accusation and announcement, and so on, all parts embellished with Hash’s traditional and classic songs. View halloo! If you won’t be high, no way with the hashers at Hash! At dusk, around 5:30PM, Most of hashers tucked in the ambrosian grubs. It’s a necessity for a wave by a wave of hashers’s drinking toasted to the hares’s OUTSTANDING stint, so the hares had to STAND UP for drinking. More than one hours later, the part of hashers with their lingering mirth and spirit entertainment wheeled to Paddy’s as the Hash stronghold.

Pickle Boy