This Sunday dust off that skimpy RED DRESS and join the rest of the hares and harriettes as the WOW the locals in Beijing. Traditionally this is the most interesting hash to the local Police and they enjoy following us around in their cars, probably just creating Utube video footage, while we treat the Beijing Ren to an exciting and very colorful display of the fashionably challenged and challenging!!! be prepared for beautiful parks, rivers, traditional hutongs and lakes in a marvelous sunny day of spring!

We love a big turnout for the fun of course but more importantly this is always a fundraising hash where we can give back to China.  This year the proceeds of the hash will go towards Clean Water Initiatives here in China and I think we can all appreciate the need for clean water in this country.  We will be collecting donations in addition to the hash fees if you can and would like to contribute!!!

  • Date:
    April 18, 2010

  • Hares:
    Dazed & Confused and Spiking Viking

  • Meet at:
    South entrance of Ditan park, 250 meters north of the YongHeGong Ditie Station (Line 2)
  • Cost:
    The traditional bargain price of 20 kuai for the run or 60 kuai for both run and dinner.
    The Mismanagement will also collect your voluntary donation for the Clean Water Initiatives.

  • Type:

  • Time:
    We will meet at 2:30PM, Off at 3:00PM
  • What to bring:
    Is the annual RED DRESS RUN, we expect you to be wearing RED DRESS! It will be so much fun, trust us! And please don’t come with pink or blue or green…RED IS RED!!!  

  • Need to know more about the Red Dress run
    read this interesting article: ‘Red dress runs’ are becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

“We are back to summer time!! Runs start at 3pm”