Have you ever seen the great wall in a non-touristic part? Are you missing the fresh air of the country? Do you want nature? Feel like doing something surrounded by trees and shrubs and flowers, like vikings, with horns on our head?? 
Well you cannot miss this weekend’s run!! Spiking Viking himself is setting up and amazing run OUTSIDE OF THE CITY with an extraordinary team of hares! Tonz of surprises are waiting for all those lucky Hashers that join us in this great Road Trip, cause yes is a ROAD TRIP so you need to RSVP!!

  • Date:
    March 7, 2010
  • Hares:
    Spiking Viking, Aoda Li and Wasabi Geisha
  • Cost:
    100 RMB (includes Bus to runsite, all fresh beer you can drink and Food!) 
  • Meet at:
    Paddy O’Shea’s – We will take a bus to the hash site at Huanghua Cheng
  • Type:
    A-B (Bag car available)
  • Time:
    11:00AM, Rented Bus Departs PROMPTLY at 11:45AM 
  • What to bring:
    WARM CLOTHES as it might be cold in the mountains
  • What to expect:
    Besides a lot of nature, an old and picturesque section of the Great Wall – not refurbished like Badaling
  • Important:
    Please RSVP ASAP to beijing@hash.cn or 13910626390 so we can see what size bus we need
  • Map to run start:
    Permalink at mobilenative

“Please note we are running with “winter hours” and we hold the circle outside so bring warm clothes for after the run and remember that a frozen sexual appendage is not a good reason to move the circle inside!!! Frozen beer is the only decent excuse!!!”