Welcome to our annual Toga Run!! Do your best TOGA (you know tear a sheet off your bed – white is optional) for the annual Ides Of March Hash. Best to fasten it up nice and high as we will be doing a fair bit of urban hill climbing on this gorgeous A-A run, 77% of which is in parks. Serene down-down circle spot included. Feast on gourmet multi-colored dumplings at the post-run bacchanalia in a bash gluttonous enough to make the Romans jealous.


  • Date: 
    March 14, 2010
  • Hares:
    Dry Hole 
  • Meet at:
    Hongmao Dumpling House 250m east of Line 10 Jiandemen Ditie Exit C
  • Type: 
  • Time:
    1:30PM, Off at 2:00PM
  • What to bring: 
  • Why Toga?
    We commemorate the assassination of Julius Caesar, on march 15 of the year 44 BC.
  • What is a toga? How to make a toga?
    Read a complete article
    Watch a video tutorial
  • What to expect: 
    Murder and Intrigue, and a bunch of people running in funny bed sheets!
  • Map to run start: 
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“Please note we are running with “winter hours” and we hold the circle outside so bring warm clothes for after the run and remember that a frozen sexual appendage is not a good reason to move the circle inside!!! Frozen beer is the only decent excuse!!!”