SPECIAL NOTE: MB just informed us that is not the first… there was Pajama runs before! So let’s welcome back this  awesome tradition!!

Finally after more than 5 years, regardless the efforts of “civilized” locals and the Shanghai Pajama Police who pretend to abolish the noble tradition of walking in pajamas in the street, the Beijing HHH is launching again “The Annual PAJAMA RUN: Cause comfort is what really matters!”

The ancient Chinese tradition of wearing pajamas in the streets of Beijing will be honored by our runners (YOU) wearing their most cute, crazy sexy, cuddly, silky, colorful pajamas during the run and circle, and why not before and after!! For finalizing and commemorating this magnificent event, the dinner for this run will be in one of the most famous and d elicious THAI restaurants in town! because in Thailand they also WEAR PAJAMAS!!

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  • Time:
    Meet at 2:30PM, Off at 3:00PM

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    Run Only RMB 20 – Run and THAI food Dinner  RMB 80

  • What to Bring:
    Your most cute, crazy, sexy, cuddly, silky, colorful pajamas and a camera of course!