Is time to say good bye for a while to one of Us… The Reverend’s time to FOYW has come and all of us we will be there to express our gratitude!! Besides, Cum One Cum All to the illustrious return of Phantom and Taxi Rider Her. Darwin kicked ’em out and you can too if you aren’t happy with the trail and the number of beer stops but we all know that you won’t tire of running behind TRH’s behind. There is even a subtle hint that some kind of mexican baijiu may be served to properly send back home the reverend, although subtle, baijiu and reverend should never appear in the same sentence.

  • Date:
    July 18, 2010
  • Hares: 
    Phantom and Taxi Ride Her
  • Meet at: 
    Chaoyang Park south gate
    Click here for map
  • Type: 
  • Cost: 
    Run Only RMB 20, Run and Dinner RMB 60
  • Time:
    Meet at 2:30PM, Off at 3:00PM
  • What to expect:
    Guaranteed to have hutongs, beer stops, sightseeing, beerstops, maybe even tequila. Get the chance to run behind Taxi’s tush.  Listen to Phantom’s pisspoor jokes.  Sing ‘all Australians are born….etc’. and of course the reverend’s FOYW…