Finally we got hares for this weekend!! but before the details, remember the Beijing Hash is build by all of US! An your participation is essential! Haring is fun and cool (and you don’t pay!) so if you have not had the pleasure of haring, have a great location idea for a run and would like to hare or just haven’t hared in a while don’t miss the opportunity! Just contact Dry Hole at to sign-up.

  • Date:
    July 25, 2010
  • Hares:
    Snot, Undulator and Masturbacker
  • Type:
  • Cost:
    Run Only RMB 20, Run and Dinner RMB 60
  • Time:
    2:30PM, Off at 3:00PM
  • Meet at:
    YuShiYu restaurant, No. 3B JiuXianQiaoBeiLu 
    (200m east of JiuXianQiaoDongLu intersection)
    Ph: 64385355 

    If you come by TAXI: print the info in this site
    Go north on JingShunLu. Turn right at DaShanZi onto JiuXianQiaoBeiLu for 2km. YuShiYu is on your left.  If you cross E. 5th Ring you’ve gone too far.

    if you come by BUS: Take 403, 516, or 629 to the LAST BUS STOP: HuanXingTieDao (ring railroad). Walk west 50m. Can look up bus routes here.

    If you go to PADDY’s: Have a beer an wait for other hashers to show up and share a Taxi. We’ll leave Paddy’s at  2:05 PM. Click here for location

    This is the restaurant:

  • Call the hares if lost:
    Snot: 13717694262
    Undulator: 13718277407
    Masturbacker: 13910084840