This weekend we are celebrating our run #1450!!!! That’s more than 28 years of hashing in Bejing, Don’t miss this celebration in a run described as GREAT by the hares themselves:

From the Hares:
“This time you will see many interesting things where one of hares grew up in the Xisi areas, among the most traditional residential areas in Beijing. Let’s set off from Yangrou (mutton) Hutong and then check Zhuanta (Brick Pogoda) Hutong that’d been there before the setup of Beijing and more network of Hutongs than you expect, will be passing the primary school site where he had a suffering time learning English, the cinema he watched the first Mexican movie and many more! So com’on and let’s run in breeze that only early auturmn Beijing can bring to you! Just enjoy it and hash it!”

  • Date:
    August 15, 2010
  • Hares: 
    Pony and Katherine
  • Meet at: 
    Exit D, Xisi Metro Station, a square to the Geological Museum of China with a bust sculpture of Li Siguang in the center.
    Check here for directions
  • Cost: 
    Run Only RMB 20, Run and Dinner RMB 60
  • Time:
    Meet at 2.30pm, start at 3.00pm