What and exciting run we had the last week! The hares managed to take us on some new territories, providing us with a run full of sceneries that seemed to be taken from the Universal SoldierHollywood set! We got our circle, windy and chilly just how we like it, to finally elect our new mismanagement! ( check it out here)

And now, this week’s a new page on the anal’s of the Beijing H3 will be written: a fantastic run to welcome and made work the new mismanagement and also, for saying FOYW to our dear Pyromaniac, who is coming back to his beloved Deutschland. We wish you the best and hope to see you again somewhere in this world!


  • TYPE:
    A to A

  • HARE:
    Cock Sourceror and Tubectomy

  • WHEN:
    Sunday, November 14

  • TIME:
    Meet at 1:30PM, Run Starts at 2:00PM
  • MEET AT:
    Meet at the north gate of Xinglong Park located on Chaoyang Road.
    Public transportation options:
    – Subway: Ride the Batong Line east to Gaobeidian, take the northeast exit from the station, and walk 450m north through Xinglong Park (free entry) to the north gate.
    – Bus: Try grabbing any of these buses to ChaoYangLu Gaojing: 411, 412, 433, 488, 615, 639, 648, 731, 846, 111
    – BRT Bus: Take the BRT #2 from Chaoyangmen to MinHang YiYuan and walk east 100m
    Click here for directions on Native Beijing
    20 run only, 60 run and dinner

Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights colder, we are moving to Winter Hours, Runs will start at 14:00
Bring warm clothes to the circle.