The Ribbons know how to keep it in the family.

  • TYPE:
    A to A

  • HARE:
    Canadian Chlamydia, Ted

  • WHEN:
    Sunday, April 3, 2011

  • TIME:
    Meet at 1:30PM, Run Starts at 2:00PM

  • MEET AT: 
    TaYuan Diplomatic Compound on XinDong Lu Address: #1 XinDong Lu (north on the eastern side of the Canadian Embassy) (Click here for map)

This meeting place is about a 5 minute walk east and north from Paddy O’Sheas.  If in doubt go to Paddy’s, drink a beer then exit and walk east. At the intersection of  XinDongLu and DongZhiMenWai DaJie (the first intersection you hit) turn north and walk up XinDong Lu. It should be just north of the Canadian Embassy. 

    20 run only, 60 run and dinner


    Expect a good old fashioned Beijing Hash! With the weather getting warmer, we will be running through some pleasant possibly green-leafed areas,  as well as some more traditional Beijing fare (muddy river bottoms, underground tunnels and a gonggong cesuo or two!).  At around 10km its not a super lengthy run, and we’ve planned for some fun beer stops and even some games 😉  We’ll finish off the evening with a with a Kiwi dinner of finger foods, salads and pizza at Cafe Flat White.

It’s Spring! (Maybe)