The Hares have absolutely no idea what is there. We believe there are a few hutongs, a 50% chance of finding a park and we might even be able to see the lofty heights of the CBD on a clear day. What we do know, however, when and where to meet!! We will then proceed to the fabulous restaurant which we haven’t found yet. Rest assured hashers, there will be a restaurant, a suitable circle spot and some perfectly chilled beer to round off the afternoon. Meet at Paddy’s beforehand for some food and pre-drinks should you wish, but if you don’t make it before the run then join us afterwards as we trot back to Paddy’s for the evening.

  • Hares:
    Spank my Hide, Nob in Hood and Twinkle Balls (Featuring as walking hare… not really…)

  • Type:
    A to A

  • Where: 
    Dongsi station, Exit A

    Click here for details

  • When:
    Sunday 6th of November, 2011

    Meet at 13:30, Run starts at 14:00

  • Hash Cash: 
    20 run and circle – 60 run, circle and dinner 

IMPORTANT: we are back to winter hours, runs start at 14:00