It’s a sparkling world after all ! 15 November is a special day for the Belgian Royal family, marked by celebrations in honor of the Belgian monarch. Last weeks China celebrated the centenary of the 1911 Revolution that ended with the abdication of the last emperor, while the exhibition of Kate’s wedding gown attracted more than 500.000 visitors at the Buckingham Palace. So strap on your running shoes, remove any thorns still festering from the Halloween parties and get ready for the most Royal Hash Run ever in the middle of the Middle Kingdom! The run promises to be a journey through the royal playgrounds, Peking style…

  • Type:
    A to A

  • Hares:
    Undulator and Waiting for It

  • When:
    Sunday 13 of November

  • Time:
    We meet at 1:30, run starts at 2:00

  • Meet at:
    Tushuguan 98, Gulou Xi Da Jie 53 (200m west of Drum Tower); map here

  • Dress code:
    King of Ass, Rock or Drag Queen, Princess and the Pee, Crown Cucumbine…

  • What to expect:
    Unmissable royalties and a big royal feast!

  • Hash cash:
    20 run and circle only – 60 run, circle and lavish banquet with the best of (Former) Kingdoms and Monarchies : free flow of beer and paella. Plus dirt-cheap mojito and imported beers for all the HHH!