It was an old tradition that on the day of Epiphany, a little bean was hidden in a cake, a custom taken from the Saturnalia in the Roman Empire: the one who stumbled upon the bean was called “king of the feast.”

Although this nowadays mainly happens in France and in some parts of the Latin world, the Hash will introduce the festivities to Sanlitun with the nomination of the Hash King or Queen.

The Chef of Le Petit Gourmand will prepare for us a delicious Couscous dish (not sure that one originates from the Roman Empire) and a delicious “Galette des Rois” to designate our monarch for the night.

  • Type:

  • Hares:
    Paul Rochon, Le Cunt and Blac Turd

  • When:
    Sunday 8th. of January 

  • Time:
    Meet at 1:30PM, run starts at 2:00PM

  • Where:
    Le Petit Gourmand in Sanlitun
    Details Here

  • Hash Cash:
    20 run & circle only, 80 run, circle and dinner.

IMPORTANT: Is winter!! bring warm clothes for the circle