Long ago, the vikings sailed the Northern seas pillaging and raping.  In the grand tradition of the vikings, the Swedish have created a beachhead right here in Beijing.  Do you have shopping that needs to get done?  Neither do we, but that isn’t going to stop us from storming Ikea and buying an ice cream.  Or a coffee table.  OK, just the ice cream.  Who knows, we may even catch some Sunday afternoon nappers in the act.

  • Hares:
    Nut Pirate and (STBN) Aaron

  • Type:
    A to A

  • When:
    Sunday 26th of August

  • Time:
    Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00 

  • Where:
    Meet at Taiyanggong (North-east entrance), Line 10
    Click here for map 

  • Hash Cash:
    20 RMB run and Circle, 60 RMB Run, Circle and Dinner