It’s time for us to join hands and make sprints across Beijing’s Chang’An Jie. The rest of the run is well-intentioned, but you should listen up:

One Nipple Up’s been far away in Sichuan where she suffered Chengdu’s Panda Hash a time or two and then traversed ye high mountains in Yunnan. Now she is back for her final act as a hare in Beijing. She and co-hare, Transelvestite, have managed to get the Beijing Hashers a spot in the Old People’s Day Parade (sponsored by Li Ning and Only). This parade and showcase of Beijing’s oldest begins at the Jianguomen McDonald’s promptly after the seniors get their discounts on coffee and eggs, and then it ends somewhere that nobody has ever heard of in Hebei province (God willing). It is suspected most seniors won’t make it, but we deliver our best wishes to those over the age of 65.

Other highlights of Sunday’s hash include that park (you know, the pretty one with the benches and the trees and the cute kids and stuff) and then that other nice place near Shuangjing or Guomao (do you know where I’m talking about?), and then, uh, that area Pretty Woman is always taking us through and, uh, some other stuff, and, er, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO SAY? Huh? I just got off a 500+hour train ride, standing (on one leg), and now my co-hare is riding me to pump out 300 words by a 7 o’clock deadline. What is this? AND DON’T FORGET to dress like your favorite Old Person!

  • Hares:
    Transelvestite, One Nipple Up
  • Type:
    A to A
  • When:
    Sunday 9th of September
  • Time:
    Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00 (Really we leave at 15:00 so get there on time!)
  • Where:
    Meet at Jianguomen Subway Station (Exit B). For late-comers, the restaurant (rather small) is SE of the Jianguomen subway station. From the station, walk East on the South side of Chang’An Street, and then turn right down the alley/driveway that is between Versace and the large brown BMN Building. Walk 300 meters South and you will arrive at the restaurant. The restaurant is a bit East of the Sci Tech Place (????). Restaurant’s name: Hong Cai Guan (???)
  • Hash Cash:
    20 RMB run and Circle, 60 RMB Run, Circle and Dinner