As local Beijingers flee the city and tourist descend upon the capital like a swarm of locusts, one place will remain unaffected by this annual migration. Dust and pollution hover like a protective blanket over potholed roads and dirt paths. You may be forgiven for thinking this is what the post-strike nuclear winter would look like, and no, we’re not talking Chernobyl. Where is this god forsaken place you ask? Well, good news for all ye thrill seekers- Sunday’s hash will be taking place in Sihui. Yes, Sihui. Sandwiched between Guomao and Shuangjing, you may be forgiven for not knowing this Bermuda’s Triangle of a place exists. So slip on your extra-thick soled shoes, stock up on rabies cream and strap on your gasmask- the survivors of the Post-Apocalypse Sihui Run will have stories to tell. Oh, and maybe a baseball bat too.
There will be wild dogs, there will be dark alleys, there will be abandoned warehouses, even a local market or two. And there Will. Be. Beer!
On on for those of you who dare!  

  • Hares:
    Cums on Vacation and Dog Pounder
  • Type: 
    A to A
  • When: 
    Sunday 7th ocotber 2012
  • Where:
    Sihui Subway Station Exit E 
    More details here
  • Time:
    Meet at 14:30, Run starts at 15:00
  • Hash Cash:
    20 RMB run and Circle, 60 RMB Run, Circle and Dinner