Meeting at Dongzhimen – the travel hub of Beijing, we will travel toParis where the Hash will start at the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens. From there the trail heads for the Marie Curie Museumfor a quick tour and science lesson, then along the Seine nearPoint Royal – the iconic setting where Monet and the other Pointillists painted their masterpieces. We will later cross the river and drop into the Louvre for a few pics with our gal Mona on the way to the second beer stop at the Place de la Concorde beside the Obelisk. We will continue over the Seine to come upon thePlace de la Invalides for a few pics with our buddy Napoleon. And after dashing across the traffic we will head straight up to theEiffel Tower where the runners meet up with the Wankers who should be already there waiting.
Wankers fear not, there is a real trail tailored for you too! From theLuxembourg Gardens walk to the Metro station, get on the Metroand get off the Metro at Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel. From theMetro walk to the Tower and get the elevator up to the second observation deck. If the Wankers want to see Paris, they’ll probably want to take a tour bus right?

  • Hares:
    Dame Doggie De La Fondue, Marquis Mon Mapple-Leaf & Baron Knob De Sainte Hood
  • Type:
    A to B
  • When:
    Sunday 9th December
  • Time:
    Meet at 13:30, run starts at 14:00
  • Hash Cash:
    20 RMB run and circle / 60 RMB run, circle and dinner
  • Bring:
    Warm clothes for the circle – the second observation deck can be quite cold, passport, toothbrush and a spare pair of undies.
  • Where:
    Dongzhimen (Lines 2, 13, Airport Express!), Exit D (South West)
    Map here