The Apocalypse is coming! How are you going to spend your last Sunday before the end of this era?
Option A: try to find a way to save your life, by pacing up and down University libraries and picking up some of the carefree attitude of the local people doing tai chi in the beautiful parks of the Jing.
Option B: it’s too late for any Redemption, let’s go party like students do, follow your youthful side, go ice-skating with your worn running shoes on hardly frozen lakes, then drink frozen beers with even more deep-frozen pals.
No matter what you want, salvation or an extra bit of debauchery, your hares have all you need for a last but not least Wild Wild West run!


Nut Pirate and Waiting for It
A to A
Sunday 16th December
Meet at 13:30, run starts at 14:00
Hash Cash:
20 RMB run and circle / 60 RMB run, circle and dinner
Warm clothes for the circle (or mulled wine, depending on your preference)
Weigongcun Sation (Line 4), Exit D (South West)
Map here

For the latecomers the restaurant is ??????Dumpling King, 50 meters east of the intersection of Weigongcun, about 100 meters away from the east exit of the station.