Come and gather around the Festivus pole again this year at the second annual Festivus Run. Be sure to make a list and check it twice – make a note of what you can’t stand about others and be ready to air your grievances at the feast provided by Grinders Bar.
If that was not enough to get you out of bed, we will be celebrating LeCunts’ 53rd birthday with special location beer/hot drink stops and dining on special birthday style bacon wrapped sausage. Yes, according to LC’s registration for the All China Nash Hash in Beijing- he waaasss born in 1959!

Pretty Woman, LeCunt and Mind The Gap

A to A
Sunday 23rd December
Meet at 13:30, run starts at 14:00
Hash Cash:
20 RMB run and circle / 100 RMB run, circle and dinner
Warm clothes for the circle
Shuangjing Sation, North East Exit Map here

Grinders, just North East of the Subway, next road up/North, a few hundred metres East. – Come early for lunch and pre-hash drinks around the Festivus pole Map here