Yeah! More than 10°C, sun and blue skye!
Closed beer shops are now re-opening with fresh beer after getting the frozen stuff dumped in the longest, coldest and most polluted winter Beijing ever has seen.
So be invited to explore the Shique and other Hutongs, also probably finding THE HUTONG (not THE Embassy) at the end of a shitty trail – March will be the month to have cooking classes with flavorful culinary creationssuch as the famous Tsingtao cupcakes, using our favorite brews.
You may feel like you’re in heaven as nice smells of the beer recipes may be in the air if the hutong citizens try to set up similar businesses by doing it in the chinese way, aka ‘copy and paste’.
Of course there will be much more to see including: public toilets, garbage collecting sites, dog shit and shitty trails everywhere; but also famous princes and poets homes, hutong houses for rent, arts and crafts, and of course some beer stops with fesh cool beer.
Spring is coming! The time for mulled wine is over! Cold beer is becoming tasty again and is what Hashers are running for! OnOn!

To be clear: sign up fees for cooking classes are not included at this Hash of course.

Undulator and Banana Hammock
A to A
Sunday 10th March
Meet at 13:30, run starts at 14:00

Hash Cash:
20 RMB run and circle / 60 RMB run, circle and dinner

Line 2 DongZhiMen Subway Exit D (Southwest Exit)

On Food: 
For those who are late, restaurant is 350m west of Exit D:
JiuTouYing (Nine-headed Eagle)(???),No. 10-7 DongZhiMenNeiDaJie, 010-84073084