“Under The Gulou Bridge”

Sometimes we feel
Like we need a Yanjing
Sometimes we feel
Like our only friend
Is the Jing that we live in
The City of Hashers
Sober as we are
Together we drink.

We run on her streets
Cause she’s our companion
We run through her hutongs
Cause she knows who we are
She sees our good hash marks
And she gives us her clean air
We never worry
Now that is a lie

We don’t ever want to feel
Like we did last night
Take us to the place we love
Take us all the way

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

A Just Dupree Pirate Pi Hole Haring Production

Just Dupree, Nut Pirate, Fire in the Hole, Life of Flea (er, Pi)

A to A

Sunday, May 19th

Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00 (Now on Summer time)

Gulou Subway Station, Exit E (Northwest)

Hash Cash:
20 RMB run & circle; 70 RMB run, circle and dinner (Dinner price increase)

“Xiang Bin,” Red Hot Chili Pepper food from the Chairman’s province.  Let ‘yer gills seer from Hunan’s hot-as-hell fish head dish, and get pimples in places where you didn’t know you had places.  Restaurant address:  1 Deshengmendong Binhelu, Tel. 82079599, 82079799. Restaurant is located 100 meters north (across the river) from Gulou Subway Station Exit E, on the other side of the river. Vegetarian and non-spicy foods also on the menu.