It’s Mother’s Day (in some parts of the world), and to celebrate, we are holding a hash on Sunday!!! As you will probably get drunk at the hash and forget to call your mother, the Beijing Hash strongly encourages you to call home and talk to mom while you are still sober. Give her a bit of false hope that her child is a high-functioning, productive member of society who doesn’t actually spend every Sunday afternoon standing around in a circle, singing lewd songs, and drinking away life’s problems. Free beer for any mothers in the circle!

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  • Hares:
    Smellie Ellie (self naming?!?) and Dry Hole
  • Type:
    A to A
  • When:
    Sunday, May 11th
  • Time:
    Meet at 13:30. Run starts at 14:00-ish.
  • Location:
    Jing Fu Can Ting, TieShu Xie Jie #20
    From Qianmen subway walk due south to Dashanlan West Street and turn right, walk past the McDonalds, continue straight thru the fancy hutong till it forks. Take the left-hand fork. The restaurant is on a CORNER on the left across from a welder. If you reach the 3 legged frog hostel you have passed it. Approx 10min brisk walk from subway.