My fellow Americans

[and other former members of the UK, and other foreigners, and Chinese friends]: Please join the Coalition of the Willing and Intoxicated for the 1667th hash of BH3! (No really, we need you to cum out otherwise it will just be us and that looks bad.)

This week’s AA [All-American] hash will commemorate the conclusion of Golden Week the best way we know how: by getting led astray by intoxicated Americans lost on the path (or at least crossing the path) to improved diplomatic and cultural relations. As you may know, Golden Week is an important holiday celebrating the crossing of the Liangmaqiao river in the dead of January by the heroic Patriots before they performed a sneak attack on the awful British during the war of independence in 1776. Following this crossing, and the sacking and burning of the British capital and White House, the Patriots made their way to the Xinjiang Place Next to Al Safir to liberate its Chuanr and Beer. And this week, we shall retrace this historic trail.

It has been said that Americans always find the true trail, after exhausting all other possibilities. This week, said trail will crash through the scenic area between 3rd and 4th ring roads somewhere around the embassies or Chaoyang Park; A-to-A. It may be a live-ish trail, and it may include one or four back checks…. to be honest, we are not great at planning these things out. It will be Well Marked, flat, and dry, the air will be clean, the sun shining, and the beer and peace dividends will break out aplenty after we’re done! Two of those things are true.

Either way, your AA hares will claim victory!

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  • Hares:
    Quid Pro Blow, Jizzy Shelter, Just Allan, and Chokes One Out
  • Date:
    Sunday, 5 October 2014
  • Hash Cash:
    20 RMB for run and circle, 70 RMB for run, circle and dinner
  • Meetup:
    2.30 pm, run starts 3 pm SHARP
  • Location:
    A-A at The Xinjiang Place Next to Al Safir, 35 Xiaoyun Lu Courtyard, Chaoyang, Beijing, China, Earth.
  • D-erections:
    Liangmaqiao subway station, exit B
    Cum out of exit B, walk straight [east] then take a left at Dongfang East road. Walk past the lovely embassy of Korea, and the back door of the US Embassy, keep going past the Hyundai building and cross Xiaoyun Road. Head–HEAD, WHO SAID HEAD? Ill ha–straight into an alley and after you cum through the alley is Xiaoyun Lu Courtyard.
    The Xinjiang Place Next to Al Safir is on the left when you get to the courtyard and is located between Al Safir and Home Plate BBQ. See attached photo, but imagine that it’s daytime and the sun is shining.

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