Fahrenheit 451 or how the bonfire of the vanities influence us on r.-o. Palm Sunday:

Well, said enough in the header already. No more explanation needed.

We are not burning any books or (b)logs. Nor do we want to ignite witches or similar individuals. We passed the medieval century and moved on. Really?

Yeah, but no, but yeah, butt… Only until the 1980’s. There suddenly a fire was burning again. A different one. But an interesting one. Not a copy of the fire in Florence in 1497. Savonarola was not there. So we heard. We will not destroy any of these wonderful items: mirrors, cosmetics, fine dresses, playing cards or musical instruments either. We targeted them, but our budget was too small.

And now, something completely different (and serious):

Palm Sunday, also called the Triumphal Entry, is one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, celebrated on the Sunday before Pascha. On this day the Church celebrates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in the days before the Jewish Passover. A mere few days before his crucifixion, Jesus Christ was received by adoring throngs at his entry into Jerusalem on the back of a young donkey. The believers meet him, and spread out before him his clothes and olive branches.

We tried hard to collect some olive branches. We failed. But we can assure you that there is no donkey meat at the dinner on Sunday (it was available on the menu though).

Last, but not least:

We’ll provide the outfit for Hashers who will be joining us this Sunday. As long as the stock lasts… On On!

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  • Hares: Master Baker, Pekinsky Bikinsky, Pickle Boy
  • Types: A to A
  • When: Sunday, 5 April, 2015
  • Time: Meet at 13:30, run starts at 14:00
  • Hash Cash: 20 kuai Run and Circle, 70 kuai Run, Circle and Dinner
  • Restaurant: Bo Cheng Ya Ju (博成雅居)
    • Address: Service Building, YaChengYiLi, Chaoyang District (朝阳区雅城一里服务楼)Tel: 85526238
  • Directions:  Qingnianlu Line 6 Exit B (Northeast), next to Joy City Shopping Mall.Walk eastward for 2 minutes, pass over a busy road to go forward for 2 minutes, follow marks.


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