A recent sidewalk cave in lead to the amazing discovery of ancient documents hidden 5 meters below the Earths delicious crust in the Hujialou area. These documents described a devastating time of war and bloodshed between the Humans and the Spidarian natives. Great hospitals were built to treat the onslaught of icecream headaches. Amazingly, after 5 years of chocolateified attacks, a solution was found by a brave mathematician who discovered that consuming 5 parts BEER would mitigate the suffering.

On this Saturday September 5th, we test this theory.


Breakfast Included, Lost in Marks and Spencer, Crash Test Dummy


A to A


Saturday, September 5th, 2015


Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00

Hash Cash:

20 rmb for run and circle; 70 rmb for run, circle and dinner


阳光人家饺子 Yangguang renjia jiaozi – Tuanjiehu Park East gate


Follow the marks. Subway HuJiaLou (line 10) Exit B, 地铁 呼家楼站 B出口, Turn left, then left, walk down the street past the park then turn left.