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You don’t have to be from the USA to partake in the Thanksgiving ritual. Turkey is on the menu everywhere this weekend. You can buy some hot yams off of the street and bath them in butter and sugar. Or you can go eat alone at a Chinese restaurant to avoid your family. Whatever you eat you can join in the gluttony.

Step 1. Eat until your stomach begins to hurt.
Step 2. Argue about politics with a drunk, bigoted uncle.
Step 3. Have a couple drinks to catch up.
Step 4. Take a nap on the couch while kids are singing along to Disney movies.
Step 5: Eat another plate of food.
Step 6. Drink something harder.
Step 7. Take another nap while a couple passive aggressively fight.
Step 8. Have another piece of pie.
Step 9. Open the second bottle bourbon.
Step 10. Wark allroiunt fluahberist ein crined….

For the rest of the weekend, continue to eat excessive amounts of leftovers until you your stomach shrinks to its normal size. By Sunday, you are going to need something to restart your metabolism.

Six Kuai Short from Peoria, Godzilla Butt from Milan, and Mussels from Brussels will start you on a new routine. We will run and will walk before we gluttonously eat and drink. Come burn off your Thanksgiving weekend so you can refill with Yanjing and Xinjiang food.

The hares will lead us through one of Beijing’s most beautiful campuses and eat at one of Beijing’s most popular Xinjiang restaurant. There may not be turkey, but there will still be gluttony.

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  • Hares:
    Six Kuai Short, Godzilla Butt, Mussels from Brussels
  • Type:
    A to A
  • When:
    Sunday, November 29th, 2015
  • Time:
    Meet at 13:30, run starts at 14:00
  • Hash Cash:
    20 RMB Run and circle
    70 RMB Run, circle and dinner
  • Restaurant:
    Ba Yi Lao Ye Xinjiang Restaurant (Qinghua East Gate)
    巴依老爷新疆美食(清华东门店) 010-62780868
  • Directions:
    清华东路西王庄5号 (双清路)
    Qinghua East Road, West Wangzhuang 5, (off Shuangqing Road)地铁13号线, 五道口站,A出口。 往北边走600米,在双清路左转,往西南走200米,饭馆在左手边。
    或者 –
    地铁15号线, 清华东路西口站,C出口。往西南走400米,饭馆在左手边。

    Take Line 13 to Wudaokou. Take exit A and walk north 600 meters. Turn left on Shuangqing Road. Walk 200 meters. Restaurant is on the left.
    OR –
    Take Line 15 to the end, Qinghua East Road West Crossing. Take exit C and walk southwest 400 meters. Restaurant is on the left.


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