I googled about “Dry Jan” and google said it doesn’t exist.

I asked hashers about “Dry Jan” and hashers said it’s BULLSH*T.

I asked girls about “Dry Jan”,

they said they’ve got some “Just The Tip” in Jan so it ain’t dry for them.

I also asked guys about “Dry Jan”,

they said they’ve got some “Super Squirter” in Jan so it ain’t dry for them either.

Now my question goes to

“Dry Jan” is ending, anyone wants some “Hot Cockolate”?

Join us for the “probably best trail ever” on Jan 30, say “Fuck off, Dry Jan” by bringing YOUR FAVORITE DRINKING EQUIPMENT (for example beer helmet) and actually drink. If you were born in 1989 (our run number) just like one of the hares, you will get extra moisture (beer).

***Plz bring a mask & your phone on trail, parks need to check the health kit.


Just The Tip, Hot Cockolate, Super Squirter




Bag drop available. The trail is dog friendly if you are ok to walk around the parks and meet up with hashers later



Saturday, Dry Jan 30th, Winter Hours so meet at 1:30 PM, Run start at 2:00 PM



Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer and circle)

80RMB (run, beer, circle + dinner)


Restaurant & Meet-Up Spot:

Fat Lobster(Jian De Men)Jia No.2, QiJiaHuoZi, Beitucheng West Road

胖子龙虾(健德门店), 北土城西路祁家豁子甲2号


Line 10 Jian De Men Station, get out at Exit D, walk 50 meters to the north till the traffic, then head to west for another 100 meters. The resto will be on your left side at the corner.